Plymouth School District Report Card

Every year the Department of Public Instruction releases school and district "report cards." These report cards use standardized test scores and a few other demographic data points to grade a district and its individual schools.

While Plymouth Schools see the value in standardized tests as one way to monitor progress, we gauge the success of our schools via many other important factors.

We invite you to explore the links below to see how an exciting mix of academics, extracurriculars, and other enriching experiences allow our students to truly thrive in school while preparing themselves to become their best in any path they choose after graduation.

Final grade:



o College-bound members of the Class of 2015 had an average ACT composite of 24.4.
o ACT indicates our seniors are prepared for college at a higher rate than the state average.
o Members of the Class of 2017 graduated PHS with 11 college credits on average. Up to 63 college credits are available to PHS students.
o PHS uses a Laude system similar to that used by many universities. The levels are, in order of increasing rigor, Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Summa Cum Laude.
o For the 2017-18 school year, 561 of the 786 students -- 71 percent! -- are enrolled in at least one Laude-level class.
o One of the newest cum laude opportunities is the Project Lead the Way Environmental Sustainability course.
o Gwen Nytes, 2017 National Merit Commended Student
o Cooper Ebbott, Zach Holden and Mark Novak, 2014 National Merit Commended Students
o Rebecca Ebbott, 2013 National Merit Semifinalist
o Charlie Martin, 2012 National Merit Finalist
o 28 PHS students earned workforce certifications in 2016-17.
o PHS students have had 67 Youth Apprenticeships since the 2012-13 school year.
o 21 PHS students participated in Youth Apprenticeships in 2016-17 - one of the highest participation rates in the county - 6 in Manufacturing, 3 in Health Care, 3 in Transportation, 3 in STEM, 2 in Culinary Arts, 1 in Agriculture, 1 in Construction, 1 in Hospitality, 1 in Info Tech
o We plan to address multiple factors that will result in a higher scores in the category of “college readiness,” as scored by the American College Testing Program (ACT).
o We plan to develop achievement/learning measures of student success at the elementary and middle school levels.
o 123 of our 180 teachers -- or 68% -- hold master's degrees.
o 41 teachers have earned master's degrees thanks to an in-house program created in partnership with UW-Green Bay. Learn more about the second cohort to graduate.
o Rather than purchasing boxed curriculum developed by national corporations, we invest time and resources that allow our expert staff to create and develop meaningful curriculum that meets the needs of our students.
o Wisconsin School Public Relations Association Award of Excellence 2017: District Report Card
o Wisconsin Technology Education Association Technology Special Recognition Award 2017: Plymouth High School Principal Jennifer Rauscher
o Lakeshore Technical College Top Tech Award 2017: Plymouth High School business teacher June Winkel
o Pioneer Athletics Field of Excellence Award 2016: Head groundskeeper Ryan Rusch for Plymouth High School football field
o NorthEast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance Tech Ed Teacher of the Year 2015: Greg Gritt
o Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce Golden Apple Award 2015: Plymouth School District
o NorthEast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance Education Innovation Award 2014: Plymouth High School
o Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce Golden Apple Award 2013: PHS teachers Greg Gritt and Jake Sherman
o National Board-certified teachers: Tina Henriksen, Jennifer Marten, June Winkel
o Invited to present at professional conferences: Therese Unger, Megan Hummitzsch, Jodi Timler, Amy Bogenschuetz, Jennifer Rauscher
o Carrie Dassow, for UW-Green Bay, Lakeland University, Marian College
o Dan Mella, for UW-Green Bay
o Todd Hunt, for UW-Green Bay
o Dena Budrecki, for UW-Green Bay
o Amy Bogenschuetz, for UW-Green Bay
o Jennifer Marten, for UW-Green Bay
o Jennifer Rauscher, for UW-Green Bay
o Kay Tharp, for UW-Green Bay
o Lori Brown Horizon, for UW-Oshkosh
o Tina Henriksen, for UW-Oshkosh
o Amy Kolpin, for UW-Oshkosh
o Dave Coley, for Lakeland University
o Gale Grahn, for Lakeland University
o Dan Lamb, for Lakeland University
o Jack Daniels, for Lakeshore Technical College
o Connie Lund, for Lakeshore Technical College
o This state-of-the-art facility allows PHS students to gain experience with all phases of the design process, taking projects from conception to completion.
o Facility highlights include CNC mills, a plasma cutter, a 3-D printer, a welding training facility, engineering/CAD Labs, and an automotive lab with hydraulic hoists.
o Learn more about this innovative facility, which serves students in engineering classes as well as those learning skilled trades.
o This modern research facility better provides students and community members with skills needed by key local industries.
o Facility highlights include a 30-by-90-foot greenhouse, a 30-by-80-foot attached classroom with 6 state-of-the-art lab stations, hydroponics (where plants are grown in water), aquaponics (a growing system with fish and plants), and refractometers (which measure sugar levels in produce).
o Learn more about this innovative facility, which serves students in seven academic disciplines.
o We were the first district in the area to offer nationally recognized Project Lead the Way engineering courses, which feature a hands-on, project-based and problem-based approach that adds rigor to traditional technical programs and relevance to traditional academics.
o We offer seven Project Lead the Way courses at the middle and high school levels, taught by science and technology education teachers. See the PHS course descriptions.
o The Plymouth program received an “exemplary school” designation and was re-certified for five years in 2014, which means students can get credit from the Milwaukee School of Engineering for all high school classes.
o PHS Technology Education and Engineering Club activities include:
- Formula High School
- High Mileage Vehicle
- Project G.R.I.L.L.
- Beat the Heat
- Manufacturing Job Co-Op
o 31.4% of PHS students indicate engineering as a potential career on Career Cruising
o Modeled after the PHS Global Studies certificate, the state certificate requires 4 credits in one world language; 4 credits in courses with global content; reflections on 8 books with global content or up to 4 reflections on art, music, or film; participation in schoolwide global activities; and at least 20 hours of global service learning.
o A PHS teacher serves as Local Education Guide to ensure students have the support they need, a personal connection not always found with online schools.
o The district prizes its Summer School program as an excellent opportunity for students to keep learning through the summer, with about 75 classes offered in 2017.
o Plymouth High School has offered a laptop computer to every student since 2010.
o Soft skills are non-academic skills that increasingly are seen as valuable by employers, college admissions officials and scholarship award committees. Plymouth focuses on these three: collaboration, respect and work habits.
o Learn more about our soft-skills evaluation, including a list of student employers who have agreed to ask applicants about soft-skill scores.
o Student travel opportunities include various competitive, service, ecology and music trips throughout the country; alternating band trips to Disney World and chorus trips to New York; regular PHS trips to Germany and Costa Rica; additional trips to Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Botswana; and a visit to Washington DC available to Riverview students.
o PHS enjoys regular visits by students from Germany & Colombia, as well as a very active AFS program.
o Plymouth High School has a visiting Arabic teacher, thanks to the Teachers of Critical Languages program offered through the U.S. Department of State.
o 85 percent of our graduates go on to higher education.
o 2017 West Point appointment - Kalei Hering
o 2016 Air Force Academy appointment - Ryan Holec
o 2016 US Navy ROTC - Abigail Nicholson
o 2015 US Navy ROTC - Izack Ohman
o 2012 US Army ROTC - Dustin Schulz
o 2011 US Naval Academy appointment - Lukas Ohman
o 2010 US Naval Academy appointment - Greg Poser
o 2009 US Naval Academy appointment - Logan Roy
o 2005 US Naval Academy appointment - Marshall Witkowski
o Admiral Luther F. Schriefer – Class of 1955 - went from PHS homecoming king to a 37-year Navy career. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy, the Naval War College, and received a master’s in international affairs from George Washington University. He was trained as a carrier-based pilot, and served two tours in Vietnam. Over the course of his long Navy career, he was promoted to various command posts – including an aviation squadron, two carrier air-wings, an anti-submarine warfare wing and two naval ships. Admiral Schriefer spent 23 of his 37 years in sea assignments. In his last naval position, he commanded the San Diego Naval Base, which included two air bases, a submarine base and a naval station. After retiring from the Navy, Admiral Schriefer held a variety of high-level positions for the U.S. Defense Department.
o Lisa Peplinski - Class of 1996 - was accepted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. She graduated with a degree in civil engineering, and, as an officer, was deployed in both Afghanistan and Iraq in 2002-2003. She stepped down from active duty in 2007, but returned to the Army in 2012 as a reservist, and three years later made national history by becoming one of the first three female graduates of the Army’s Ranger Program.
o PEP Talks (short for Plymouth Educational Plan Talk) are meetings between a counselor, a student and his or her parents or guardians, held during the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 9th and 11th grades. The focus of the talk varies somewhat with the student's age, moving from focusing on indivdual strengths in the lower grades to career exploration in the middle grades to career preparation in high school. But the emphasis is always on each student's talents and plans for the future.
o Each fall, students are encouraged to Plan Your Future through a week of engaging activities and an evening of sessions for K-12 students and parents to attend together.
o Students develop a plan for their futures using Career Crusing.
o We plan to incorporate data demonstrating post-secondary persistence and beyond.
o Students involved in extracurriculars have an average GPA of 3.5.
o 79 percent of PHS students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity.
o PHS varsity coaches average 36 years of coaching experience; freshmen and JV coaches average 12.5 years.
o 65 percent of PHS coaches are current or retired teachers.
o We are working to increase the number of district-based extracurricular opportunities at the elementary level.
o We won’t be satisfied until we have all students involved in at least one extracurricular.
o We will continue our initiative to become the hub of community activities.
o Elementary school holiday concerts
o Elementary school spring concerts
o Horizon Talent Show
o Riverview Musical
o Riverview Band
o Riverview Jazz Band
o Riverview Choir
o PHS Concert Band
o PHS Symphonic Band
o PHS Jazz Ensemble
o PHS Wind Ensemble
o PHS Concert Choir
o PHS Show Choir
o PHS Jolly Pranksters comedy improv team
o PHS One-Act Play
o PHS Fall Play
o PHS Spring Musical
o PHS Amph-Rats Acting Company
o PHS Acoustic Club
o PHS German Band
o PHS Musical Pit Band
o Solo and Ensemble competitions
o PHS actors bring Cemetery Walk to life
o Plymouth High School has 293 students enrolled in at least one arts class in 2017-18, plus 263 participants in arts-related extracurriculars.
o All Riverview Middle School students take an arts class.
o We plan to elevate the impact of our visual arts program so that it is on par with our performing arts offerings.
o We are expanding into the technical side of arts, creating opportunities for student experience with music and stage composition and production.
o Horizon planted its first Golden Garden in 2009.
o Plymouth High School, which has long had a greenhouse, added a garden in 2012 and the Food Science & Agriculture Center in 2015.
o The Riverview/Youth Center garden has been growing since 2013.
o Parkview installed its first two garden boxes in 2015, then fourth-graders added six more in 2016, and a seventh was added as an Eagle Scout project.
o Fairview created a garden area with six raised boxes and a long row in 2016.
o Mulberry Bush: For children 6 weeks until they enter 4K; open 6:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday year round; located at Horizon Elementary School.
o Berry Branch: For 4K and 5K students; open before and after school from 6am to 6pm weekdays and during the summer; located at the elementary schools.
o Extra Mile: For students in 1st through 4th grades; open before and after school from 6am to 6pm weekdays and during the summer; located at the elementary schools.
o Youth Center: For students in grades 5-8; open after school until 5 p.m. with at least one adult present at all times.
o Community Ed & Rec operates a Community Fitness Center and offers more than 100 fitness & wellness opportunities each year.
o Hall Walking and a Community Fitness Center available to the public at Plymouth High School.
o We would like to improve the dedicated exercise and wellness areas at the elementary schools.
o We plan to extend our farm-to-school initiatives and our homemade meals further into the elementary level.
o We want to see continued impact from our staff wellness program, as we explore new initiatives for keeping our employees healthy.
o Our teachers belong to at least 51 community organizations.
o Nearly half of our teachers are involved in at least one community organization.
o About two dozen teachers have leadership roles in community organizations.
o The Food Science & Agriculture Center is testing hydroponic foam for Plymouth Foam.
o The Science & Technology Center used its 3-D printer to print parts for TruNorth, which in turn brought a portable FARO Arm to show students how the coordinate-measuring device provides highly accurate measurements and quick reverse engineering.
o Twenty-four Plymouth School District educators received master’s degrees from UW-Green Bay in 2015 and another 17 graduated in 2017, thanks to an innovative partnership that provides the district with a unique in-house master's degree program.
o Plymouth High School has agreements with numerous colleges -- including the Milwaukee School of Engineering, Lakeland University and Lakeshore Technical College -- to offer college credit to PHS students.
o 2,312 individuals of all ages participated in Community Ed & Rec programs in 2015-16.
o We want to broaden our connections to more individuals and organizations throughout our community.