Food Science & Agriculture Center

The Food Science & Agriculture Center at Plymouth High School better provides students and community members with skills needed by key local industries.

Students talking in Food Science and Agriculture Center

21st century learning skills

The center is a modern research facility, where students are involved with the installation, maintenance, and testing of various growing systems.

The facility, which opened in 2015, provides more opportunities for all students – whether they are bound for college, technical school, or the workplace, much like the LTC-Plymouth Science & Technology Center. The Food Science & Agriculture Center benefits nearly three-quarters of the PHS student body, as it supports curriculum in seven areas: food science, culinary arts, agriculture, science, engineering, health, and business.

While the primary purpose of the center is the education of PHS students, students throughout the district visit to experience agriscience first-hand, and the facility also is used for continuing education classes offered through Community Education & Recreation outside of the school day.

The center also allows for business partnerships with top local employers in food-related industries. These partnerships lead to a better prepared workforce and give students a better understanding of the diverse career pathways within the field.

Food Science and Agriculture Center logo


Facility Highlights

  • A 30-by-90-foot greenhouse
  • A 30-by-80-foot attached classroom with 6 state-of-the-art lab stations
  • Hydroponics, where plants are grown in water without soil
  • Aquaponics, a mutually beneficial growing system with fish and plants
  • Refractometers, which measure sugar levels in vegetables to determine peak harvest time for best flavor