AFS at Plymouth High School

The Plymouth High School AFS chapter is one of the most active in the state, hosting 92 students from 40 different countries since 2012-13.

group photo with U.S. flag

AFS students attending Plymouth High School for the 2021-22 school year

Meet our 2021-22 AFS students!

  • Demi Cairo from Suriname
  • Maximiliano Chacon Navarro from Chile
  • Seba Al Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia
  • Anna Museva from Bulgaria
  • Rey Mark Valencia from the Philippines
  • Selma Binau from Denmark
  • Maria Lill Roverund from Norway
  • Toby Bern from Sweden
  • Human du Plessis from South Africa
  • Alexandra Bernaz from Moldova
  • Ruth from the Dominican Republic
  • Eleonore Berthelin from France

    We need you!

    Be a host family: More than providing a bed and meals, AFS host families welcome a new member into their home, share their everyday lives, and grow as they get to know one another.

    Be a liaison: Liaisons are volunteers identified as the primary contact for each host family and individual AFS participant for the duration of his or her program.

    Be an AFS student: Spend a year studying abroad in one of more than 50 AFS countries.

    Learn more: Contact Pat Gafney at

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    Countries represented by AFS students at PHS

    2021-22: Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Moldova, Norway, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Suriname, and Sweden

    2019-20: Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

    2018-19: Albania, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain

    2017-18: Austria, Dominican Republic, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Turkey

    2016-17: Austria, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia

    2015-16: Argentina, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Jordan, Moldova, Spain, Turkey

    2014-15: Chile, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Germany, Russia, Spain, Turkey

    2013-14: Chile, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, Spain, Turkey

    2012-13: Australia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Germany, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Spain, Yemen