Facility Use

We encourage community groups to inquire about renting Plymouth School District buildings, fields and other facilities.


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rSchool Facilities Scheduler log-in
Facility Use guidelines

How to reserve school facilities

There are a wide variety of spaces available, so if you need a gym, a quiet room for a meeting, or a large event space, we will work with you to make your event a success!

Log into rSchool Facility Scheduler to submit your request. If you are a first-time “Requester,” please follow the instructions in Introduction to Plymouth’s Facility Scheduler, rSchoolToday in order to create an account in Facilities Scheduler. This process must be completed before facilities can be requested.

Please make sure all requests 14 or more days from the event date. If you have any questions about use of a Plymouth School District facility, please contact the Community Education & Recreation office at 920-892-5068. For questions regarding a City of Plymouth facility (such as the Youth Center or a park shelter), please contact City Hall at 920-893-1271.


Terms of use

Applicants agree to be responsible for:

1. Building safety and security
* Applicant is responsible for crowd control
* Visual check routines: halls, restrooms, etc.
* Restrict participants to designed area.
* Running, horseplay and fighting are prohibited.
* Ensure that the facility is locked when you leave (even if another group is coming after you)
* Smoking or other tobacco use prohibited.
* Alcohol prohibited.

2. Emergency response/communication
* Police/fire phone number is 911 (if using a school phone, dial 9-911)

3. Familiarity with facility
* Check location of fire alarms/extinguishers, lighting systems, telephone, etc.
* Check location of paper goods, brooms, mops, etc.
* Check location of trash dumpsters.

4. Clean-up of facility
* Applicant is responsible for clean-up. If custodian time is used, applicant will be charged.

5. Gym floors
* Dust mop gym floor before using (see custodians for special mops).
* No street shoes on gym floors.
* No tape on gym floors.

6. All events are to be conducted and operated in full compliance with all applicable WIAA rules.

7. Applicant is to inform participants that personal injury/damage to property is assumed by the applicant.