Soft Skills

Plymouth High School evaluates students on their soft skills, in an effort to better prepare them for higher education, employment, and society in general.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are non-academic skills that increasingly are seen as valuable by employers, college admissions officials, and scholarship award committees. PHS focuses on collaboration, respect, and work habits.

How are soft skills be evaluated?

Teachers evaluate each student in each class on each of the soft skills, using a shared rubric that outlines expectations.

Students receive quarterly measures of their progress on developing soft skills, along with the academic grades on their report cards.

How are the measures be used?

The measures are discussed along with academic grades at PEP Talks (the series of individualized discussions involving a student, his or her parents, and a counselor focused on preparing the student for the future).

The soft-skill measures do not appear on official transcripts, so it is up to students to share the information with potential employers, admissions counselors, and scholarship award committees.

A number of area businesses that employ students (listed below) have signed the “Employer Agreement with Plymouth High School Regarding Soft Skills Assessment,” which indicates that they value the interpersonal and social skills taught and promoted at PHS. In addition, the businesses promise to ask potential employees to share the soft skills evaluations from their report cards.


Participating employers

• Camp Anokijig
• Chiro-Health Chiropractic Care Center
• City of Plymouth
• G & K Subway, Inc.
• Kaats Water Conditioning, Inc.
• Masters Gallery Foods
• Meyer Motors
• Northwestern Mutual - Plymouth
• Plymouth Foam
• Plymouth Piggly Wiggly
• Plymouth Professional Massage Therapy
• Plymouth School District - Summer School
• Rocky Knoll Health Care Center
• Sargento Foods Inc.
• Van Horn Automotive


poster of PHS Soft Skills rubric, featuring measures for collaboration, respect and work habits