Our Pillars of Excellence

The Board of Education has established these Pillars of Excellence as key principles that distinguish our district and advance our mission.

Academic Excellence for the 21st Century

Learning to apply knowledge and skills consistent with the ever-evolving 21st century

Future States:
• All students are prepared to enter post-high school education in order to find personal success in a global society.
• All physical learning environments are exemplary.
• District teachers, teacher leaders, staff, and administrators are of the highest quality and deeply committed to our common mission for children.
• All students leave high school prepared to be well-rounded, engaged, contributing members of society and open-minded, lifelong learners.
• All students safely access, critically analyze, and productively use digital information while learning and creating.
• Plymouth students will be motivated to use and apply their newfound knowledge toward making helpful and positive changes in their community.

Extracurricular Activities

Increasing extracurricular opportunities and participation

Future States:
• All Plymouth School District students will take part in at least one extracurricular activity on an annual basis.
• The Plymouth School District will be the hub for coordination and communication about extracurricular activities for the Plymouth Community.
• All faculty and staff will be involved in extracurriculars to leverage student achievement benefits and increase community engagement.
• Plymouth students will be motivated to use and apply their knowledge toward making helpful and positive changes in their community.

Community Engagement

Establishing the Plymouth area as a stellar place in which to live, learn, and prosper

Future States:
• All community members, alumni, and staff will recognize and know the four Pillars of the strategic plan.
• All students and staff experience a connection to the community every year.
• All district facilities are utilized by the community.
• All community members experience a connection to the school community outreach every year.
• Community Education & Recreation will be the hub of lifelong learning and wellness in the community.

Financial Responsibility

Improving our financial outlook while maximizing and maintaining available capacity

Future States:
• The District has sufficient funds to support all educational programming and operations and does not need to rely on short-term borrowing and other outside revenue sources.
• The District will have a fully funded maintenance operating plan and a fully funded capital improvements plan.
• The Board of Education will have sufficient influence to fully and adequately operate the school district from traditional sources of local taxes, state aid, and federal aid and be competitive with other area school districts in its services offered.

front of Plymouth High School with Pillars designated