Our school community focuses on lifelong healthy living for kids and adults alike.


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District Wellness Policy
School Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Policy

Health and Wellness Committee

Join our Health and Wellness Committee! Membership is open to staff, parents, and interested members of the community. Contact Anne Gamoke, Student Services director, at agamoke@plymouth.k12.wi.us or (920) 892-2661.


2022-23 school year
• April 18, 2023 - minutes
• Feb. 21, 2023 - minutes
• Dec. 20, 2022 - minutes
• Oct. 5, 2022 - minutes

2021-22 school year
• May 11, 2022 - minutes
• Feb. 9, 2022 - minutes
• Dec. 8, 2021 - minutes
• Oct. 13, 2021 - minutes
• Sept. 8, 2021 - minutes

Harvest of the Month

Local fresh food is featured each month on the school district menu. Plymouth School District has partnered with Nourish and the Sheboygan Area School District to feature the same Harvest each month! Students can learn about local foods and try them at lunch, and families and the community can see them featured at the local grocery store or farm market. Harvest of the Month website


You can help!


  • All events on school grounds offer a healthy choice
  • All events are as active as possible


Federal law requires every school to establish a health and wellness policy with a focus on promoting student health and reduce childhood obesity. This policy must contain goals for nutrition education, physical activity, school based activities that promote student wellness, and nutrition guidelines for ALL FOODS that are being sold or are available on school campuses during the school day.

In the Plymouth School District we have worked very hard to create an environment that adheres to our District Wellness Policy and School Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Policy.

If you are planning an event, we ask for your support so we can send a consistent message to our students. Schools are places of extraordinary influence on the development of health patterns. We want the entire environment, not just the classroom, to be aligned to positively influence our students’ understanding and habits related to good nutrition and regular physical activity.


Healthy snacks

View or download the USDA Guide to Smart Snacks in School.


School parties: Focus on FUN not FOOD

View or download our Healthy Birthday Celebration Guide.


Healthy fundraising ideas

View or download our Healthy Fundraising ideas.


Concession and food information

The Plymouth School District supports fundraising strategies that include the sale of healthy foods and non-food as a demonstration of our commitment to promoting healthy behaviors among students, families and our community while helping meet our financial needs.

Concessions are an integral part of most school-sponsored sporting events.  They are often used to help student groups and clubs raise needed activity funds.  Traditionally, many of the foods and beverages sold at these concession stands are high in sugar and/or fat.  However, concession sales can be a great opportunity to provide and promote healthy choices.  Research shows that students will buy and consume healthy foods and beverages when the options are tasty, accessible and affordable.  Concession sales can be profitable and contribute to the health and well-being of students.  Place healthy options right on the counter where they are most visible. To make these choices even more successful, consider pricing the “healthy” options at lower costs and slightly increasing the traditional “non healthy” items a little higher.  This will offset your costs and continue to help bring in profits for your organization.

While the ultimate goal would be that groups just use the list provided to promote an overall atmosphere of health and wellness, we understand that concessions are sale driven and funds are needed to keep programs running.  We, as a well community, ask that you include as a choice for your patrons a few items from each category and strive for 50% of your options to come from our list of healthy concessions.

View or download our Healthy Concessions Ideas Guide.

Don’t forget, healthy catering is available through School Food Service for your event, birthday treat or school party!