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The Plymouth Education Foundation supports the community's value on continuing education by sustaining and enhancing its Scholarship Program. Each year approximately 20 PHS graduating seniors receives a Foundation administered scholarship donated by area businesses and individuals wishing to recognize them for their accomplishments and help them pursue a post-secondary education. The Foundation's scholarship committee matches recipients to the specific criteria of its donors. Recipients show a commitment to their education, a sincere desire to serve others, and/or the ability to overcome challenges in an effort to reach personal goals.

Over the past 30 years, the Foundation has administered over $500,000 in merit and need-based scholarships to students planning to attend either a university or technical school.

The Plymouth Education Foundation makes it easy for individuals, businesses, or organizations to sponsor a scholarship. They supply the donor criteria and the foundation's scholarships committee selects the recipient on the donor's behalf. The donor is recognized in May at Scholarships Awards Night at Plymouth High School. Donors have the option to present the scholarship in person or have the Foundation present the scholarship on the donors' behalf.

Making a donation to the Plymouth Education Foundation Scholarship Fund is an investment in the future of our community and a wonderful way to honor an individual, business, or organization.

The Plymouth Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, making donations tax deductible.

For more information on how to become a Plymouth Education Foundation Scholarship Supporter please call 892-2661 ext. 1008. Download a donation form to participate in the scholarship program, or donate online.

To apply for Plymouth Education Foundation Scholarships, please follow this link for the Rhyan Family Class Exemplar Scholarship and Local Scholarship Profile Application at


Plymouth Education Foundation Awards 31 Scholarships Totaling $40,450 to PHS Graduating Seniors in 2018

On May 16,  2018, the Plymouth Education Foundation awarded 32 scholarships totaling $43,075  to Plymouth High School graduating seniors during Scholarship Awards Night.

2018 Scholarships awarded by Plymouth Education Foundation:

Rhyan Class Exemplar- Klarice Schwartz-$5000
Francis Family Scholarship-Elizabeth Welsch-$4200
June Vollrath Scholarship-Lucille Hoitink-$4200
Jean Lammers Schwiesow Scholarship-Kathleen Coley-$3000
Elizabeth A. Jewett Scholarship-Ben Schaefers-$2500
Lona Ahrnsbrak Scholarship-Adam Smith-$1500
Eleanor Fischong Scholarship-Caitlyn Goetsch-$1500
PHS Alumni Scholarship-Amanda Krueger-$1500
Hands On Your Future Scholarship-Morgan Walcott-$1000
Hands Of Your Future Scholarship-Jenna Slabe-$1000
Stuart and Alyce Giffin Scholarship-Cade Knaus-$1000
Robert Stoll Scholarship-Erica Birenbaum-$1500
Harold Steinke Scholarship-Katie Pocian-$1500
PHS Boys Swim and Dive Alumni Scholarship-Keegan McMullen-$1112.50
PHS Boys Swim and Dive Alumni Scholarship-Jaxsen Schermacher-$1112.50
Robert H Mueller Trade Scholarship-Taylor Hau-$1000
Mike Slagle Memorial Female Swimmer Scholarship-Logan Schreiber-$1000
Jeff Petrie Memorial Scholarship-Connor Joseph-$1,000
Gordon McFarlane Memorial Scholarship-Hannah Stucke-$1000
Plymouth Snow Rangers Scholarship-Samantha Meyer-$500
Mike Slagle Memorial Scholarship-Alexis Lauthenschlaeger-$500
Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship-Mason Guell-$500
Allechant Boutique and Maggie’s Closet Fashion Scholarship-Justin Schmitz-$500
Gilbert G. Gilman Business and Banking Scholarship-Cory Haupt-$500
Helen P. Gilboy Scholarship-Lindsay Wollner-$500
PHS Class of 1977 Scholarship-Katherine Benedict-$500
PHS Class of 1977 Scholarship-Miranda Cotter-$500
Alice Ebenreiter Scholarship-Savannah Wiese-$500
Ardelle and Helen Gerber Schuricht Scholarship-Emma Helmer-$500
JM Rock Family Scholarship-Paul Hammes-$500
Elden M Amundson Scholarship-Madilyn Straub-$500
Melroy and Helen Kestell Scholarship-Kyle Schwibinger-$200


2017 Scholarships awarded by Plymouth Education Foundation

Rhyan Class Exemplar
Derek Schweiger-$5,000

Francis Family Scholarship
Gwendolyn Nytes-$4,000

June Vollrath Scholarship
Tatum Eigenberger-$4,000

Jean Lammers Schwiesow Scholarship
Erik Ohman-$2,500

Elizabeth A. Jewett Scholarship
Grace Huibregtse-$2,000

Lona Ahrnsbrak Scholarship
Abigal Smrz-$1,500

Eleanor Fischong Scholarship
Lilly Seifert-$1,500

Hand on Your Future Scholarship
Theresa Schramm-$1,000
Samantha Weinkoetz-$1,000

Stuart and Alyce Giffin Scholarship
Carly Triebensee-$1,000

Robert Stoll Memorial Scholarship
Connor McManus-$1,000

Robert H Mueller Trade Scholarship
Alec Struve-$1,000

Mike Slagle Memorial Female Swimmer Scholarship
Hannah McFarlin-$1,000

Jeff Petrie Memorial Scholarship
Joe Chandler-$1,000

Gordon McFarlane Memorial Scholarship
Carlee Olsen-$1,000

Harold Steinke Scholarship
Abigail Phelps-$1,000

PHS Boys Swim and Dive Alumni Scholarship
Riley Josephs-$855

Plymouth Snow Rangers and Tina Gumtow Champion Scholarship
Nicholas Pohl-$845

PHS Alumni Scholarship
Jacob Welsch-$750

Mike Slagle Memorial Scholarship
Kalei Hering-$500

Royce Thalheim Scholarship
Cheyanne Grunow-$500

Martha Thalheim Scholarship
Kayla Schwibinger-$500

Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship
Tyler Luedtke-$500

Allechant Boutique and Maggie’s Closet Fashion Scholarship
Kaylee Koenig-$500

Gilbert G. Gilman Business and Banking Scholarship
Margeaux Suttner-$500

Dr. Carrie Peterson Scholarship
Casandra Nicholson-$500

Alice Ebenreiter Scholarship
Sophie Albert-$500

Ardelle and Helen Gerber Schuricht Scholarship
Dylan Koehn-$500

JM Rock Family Scholarship
Vanessa Arbuckle-$500

Elden M Amundson Scholarship
Lauren Bermke-$300

Melroy and Helen Kestell Scholarship
Megan Krueger-$200


2016 Scholarships awarded by Plymouth Education Foundation

Rhyan Family Class Exemplar Scholarship
Brandon Herrin-$5,000

Francis Family Scholarship
Kayla Lentz-$4,000

June Longrie Vollrath Scholarship
Kelly Pocian-$4,000

Jean Lammers Schwiesow Scholarship
Meredith Grimes-$2,500

Mike Slagle Memorial Female Swimmer Scholarship
Abigale Nicholson-$1,500

Elizabeth A. Jewett Scholarship
Eleanore Harpstead-$1,500

Lona Ahrnsbrak Scholarship
Ian McConnaha-$1,250

Eleanor Fischong Scholarship
Jennifer Fenske-$1,000

Robert H. Mueller Scholarship
Gabe Meyer-$1,000

Robert Stoll Memorial Scholarship
Emma Sember-$1,000

Allechant Boutique & Maggie's Closet Fashion Scholarship
Hannah Harms-$1,000

Hands on Your Future-Provencher Family
Sarah Payne-$1,000
Makenna Gilhuber-$1,000

Stuart & Alyce Giffin Scholarship
Erica Helmer-$1,000

PHS Swim & Dive Boys Alumni Scholarship
Ryan Holec-$792.50
Noah Joseph-$792.50

Plymouth High School Alumni
Matthew Primozic-$750

Harold Steinke Scholarship
Taylor Broder-$750

PHS Class of 1965 Scholarships
Karly Adamson-$500
Luke Bins-$500
Morgan Klumpyan-$500
Allison Kriegel-$500
Allison Schreurs-$500

Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship
Mitchell Meyer-$500

Plymouth Snow Rangers Scholarship
Morgan Kitzerow-$500

J. M. Rock Family Scholarship
Kayla Kasuboski-$500

Alice Ebenreiter Scholarship
Brooke Toutloff-$500

Ardelle & Helen Gerber Schuricht Scholarship
Samuel Staehling-$500

Mike Slagle Memorial Scholarship
Olivia Jankowski-$500

Melroy & Helen Kestell Scholarship
Hailey Molkenthine-$200


2015 Scholarships awarded by Plymouth Education Foundation

Rhyan Family Class Exemplar
Matt Olig - $5,000

Lakeland College Movers and Shakers Gala
Cara Bardon - $5,000

Francis Family
Julia Novotny - $4,000

June Vollrath
Hanna Mauk - $3,000

Jean Lammers Schwiesow
Jaryd Larson - $2,500

Lona Ahrensbrack
Makayla Klumpyan - $1,500

Elizabeth Jewett
Katelyn Trakel - $1,500

Eleanor Fischong
Claire Wichert - $1,000

PHS Alumni
Tessa Woelfel - $1,000

Robert H. Mueller
Zach Gambrell - $1,000

Bob Stoll
Jonathan Gideon - $1,000

Stuart and Alyce Giffin
Stephanie Thiel - $1,000

PHS Class of 1964
Carley Thompson - $1,000
Carter Krzyzaniak - $1,000

Ardelle and Helen Gerber Schuricht
James Balistreri - $750

Harold Steinke
Emily Carbaugh - $750

Mark Provencher Sr.
Hunter Grunow - $500
Shauna Clemens - $500

JM Rock Family
Anton Pohl - $500

Alice Ebenreite
Emily Meinert - $500

Elden M. Admunson
Drew Schweiger - $500

Wells Fargo
Izack Ohman - $500

PHS Swim and Dive Boys Alumni
Brent Thiel - $250

Melroy and Helen Kestell
Victoria Payne - $200