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The new mobile lab stations in the Plymouth High School agriculture shop facilitate hands-on projects and collaboration.

PHS enhances agriculture lab stations

Posted September 27, 2021

Plymouth High School agriculture students are now able to do more hands-on labs, thanks to new science stations funded largely by a Plymouth Education Foundation grant.

“Creating a lab and storage space in the back of the ag shop for students and their materials will allow us to provide more hands-on learning, labs, and collaboration in a variety of agricultural areas from Vet Science to Soils and everything in between,” PHS agricultural instructors Tracy Heinbuch and Katelynn Sibley wrote in their grant application.

The $11,270 grant covered much of the $12,419 cost of the six Wolfe microscopes, six mobile lab stations, and three storage units recently added to the agriculture shop, Room C117.

While there is a small adjacent classroom, the larger ag shop increasingly has become the primary agriculture classroom in the main PHS building, serving about 150 students throughout the year. Mrs. Heinbuch and Mrs. Sibley had been setting up makeshift lab stations using collapsible tables, but wanted a better learning environment.

“This will give students an area in which labs can be conducted, and the storage will allow a space for students to have easier access to their learning materials and projects, which will in turn enhance their experience in the classroom,” they said.

Having lab materials and other supplies in the same location allows students more time to complete their labs, since they no longer have to gather materials from elsewhere in the room, or move back and forth between their desks and the lab area.

In addition, the mobile stations can be moved easily if space is needed for other activities and lessons. The lab stations also create more of a classroom atmosphere in what was initially intended as a shop.

The teachers hope the additions provide more hands-on opportunities that increase real-world learning and allow them to delve deeper into the curriculum, while encouraging more students to take agriculture electives.

“These goals and projects align with the Academic Excellence for the 21st Century Pillar,” they said. “The items purchased through this grant will help students learn and apply knowledge and skills necessary to be both college and career ready.”

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