Panther Accolades: Business Honor Society

Posted April 27, 2020

Congratulations to these Plymouth High School students on their recent recognitions!

NBHS logo and 17 senior portraits

Seniors in the PHS chapter of the National Business Honor Society are, top row from left, Jana Ahlstrand, Nora Argall, Kyle Bermke, Elise Bleck, Cole Booth; middle row, Kathryn Brinkman, Bennet Dale, Cody Dessloch, Ashlyn Fleck, Mariah Fox, Cooper Gosse; bottom row, Madeline Haucke, Katie Heun, Sarah Klas, Maxwell Leynse, Isabella McCabe, Lukas Sternard.

PHS inducts 20 into National Business Honor Society

Plymouth High School has inducted 20 new members into its chapter of the National Business Honor Society.

NBHS is sponsored by the National Business Education Association, with chapters all over the United States. The PHS chapter, advised by business teachers June Winkel and Todd Williams, was chartered in 2016 in order to give recognition to outstanding business students.

The new inductees are:

  • Jana Ahlstrand
  • Kyle Bermke
  • Elise Bleck
  • Kathryn Brinkman
  • Bennet Dale
  • Mariah Fox
  • Cooper Gosse
  • Madeline Haucke
  • Carly Kelly
  • Sarah Klas
  • Isabella McCabe
  • Eddie McConnaha
  • Kyle McEvoy
  • Madison Meyer
  • Brad Preissner
  • Nicole Reilly
  • Wyatt Smrz
  • David Steffes
  • Lukas Sternard
  • Austin Zeeveld

They join the following returning senior members: 

  • Nora Argall
  • Cole Booth
  • Cody Dessloch
  • Ashlyn Fleck
  • Katie Heun
  • Maxwell Leynse

The induction ceremony would have been held March 16. New students eventually will receive a certificate of membership, and seniors will receive a green cord to wear at graduation.

To be able to apply for membership in the National Business Honor Society, a student must be a high school junior or senior, have completed or be currently enrolled in his or her third semester of a business course, and have a grade-point average of 3.5 in business courses and 3.0 overall.

Selection for membership is based on outstanding scholarship and a student's ability to demonstrate good character, leadership experience, and service to others. Members are expected to continue to demonstrate these qualities throughout their membership in the society.

The objectives of the National Business Honor Society are to:

  • Promote and recognize academic achievement in business education at Plymouth High School.
  • Foster and recognize leadership skills and character development.
  • Help members grow ethically and socially by promoting and encouraging an interest in business.
  • Encourage member involvement in service learning initiatives.

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