12 people in front of main PHS entrance

A delegation of students and teachers from Thailand recently visited Plymouth High School.

PHS hosts visitors from Thailand

Posted May 20, 2019

Plymouth High School recently hosted 10 students and two teachers from Thailand, who gave dozens of presentations to hundreds of people during their visit.

The delegation was part of the Wisconsin-Thailand Sunrise Program, created by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Thailand Ministry of Education in 2005. Six or seven Wisconsin schools are chosen annually to host a small group each for about two weeks. Plymouth previously hosted groups in 2014, 2015 and 2018.

This year’s visitors, who stayed with local host families, were here from April 20 to May 13. They gave 51 presentations to 20 different classrooms at PHS, Riverview, and the elementary schools, focusing on Thailand fun facts, tourist attractions, currency, weather, greetings, and games. They also gave a public performance at the PHS Culture Fair held April 28 at Generations.

The Thai students volunteered at Project Angel Hugs, a nursing home, and St. Vincent de Paul; and they toured Henning’s Cheese and Abler Glass. They visited Sheboygan, Kohler and Madison, and saw a Brewers game in Milwaukee. A highlight for many was a day trip to Chicago, including a visit to Ellis Tower.

The visitors said they were surprised by the large food portions here, the frequency with which people eat pizza, rice being served with cheese, and the many kinds of ice cream.

They encouraged people to come to Thailand, noting that the big cities are easy to get around in and cost-effective to live in.

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