Group photo

Members of the Riverview Lego League Team include, top row from left, Coach Tim Manthey, Keegan Chevrier, Elizabeth Manthey, Parker Lehn, Cres Ramaeker, Adam Nivers, and Coach Jason Bohlman; bottom row, Caden Bleau, Natalie Johnson, Davin Miller, and Deighton Miller.

Riverview Lego team advances to sectionals

Posted November 19, 2018

The Riverview Middle School Lego League team has qualified for sectionals after performing well in regional competition.

The Riverview team, known as the Techno Targets, competed with 30 other teams at First Lego League regionals Nov. 10 at Lakeshore Technical College. Techno Targets is among the 10 teams to advance to sectionals Dec. 2 in Appleton.

Every year, First Lego League chooses an area for students to explore. This year’s theme is space exploration and travel. Students are asked to think like scientists and engineers by choosing and solving a real-world problem dealing with space.

The Techno Targets chose to research how extended space travel affects astronauts and their families. The team decided that a virtual reality spacesuit would allow astronauts and families to interact and communicate more effectively. The idea was presented to a panel of First Lego League judges, who evaluated the quality of the presentation, the involvement and knowledge of the team members, and the validity of the proposed idea.

 The team also built, tested and programmed an autonomous robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology to solve a set of predetermined missions. This year’s team completed four of the five missions they attempted.

Through this experience, students practice the tenants of First Lego League, which include teamwork, professionalism, and friendly collaboration and competition.  

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