Six students seated at a table

These Plymouth High School students who tutored their peers recently were honored at the 13th annual Tutor Appreciation Breakfast.

PHS thanks volunteer tutors

Posted June 4, 2018

Plymouth High School recently held its 13th annual appreciation breakfast for 37 math, science and English tutors.

Tutors volunteer at the beginning of each semester and are matched to PHS students throughout the year as the need arises. Students being tutored find greater success in their classes and demonstrate an increase in their overall confidence and self-esteem. Tutors experience first-hand the rewards of helping others while strengthening their leadership skills.

Each tutor who attended received a gift bag and participated in raffle drawings. Gifts and prizes valued at more than $400 were donated by Andrews & Wirtz Law Office, Antoinette's Sandwich and Pizza, ChiroHealth Chiropractic, Dr. Frank Gatyas, K-W Electric, Marshall Sign, Meyer Motors, Odyssey Fun Center, Suchon Funeral Home and Cremation Services, and Tom and Jerry's Mini Golf.

2017-18 PHS Tutors

Jordyn Anderson
Lexi Anderson
Kathryn Brinkman
Nick Broder
Katy Coley
Samantha Fellenz
Louis Gentine
Harvey Grace
Max Hassel
Paul Hammes
Becky Haumschild
Jenna Iserloth
Emma Jewell
Ethan Joseph
Skylar Kapellen
Amanda Krueger
Keeley Kuru,
Lexi Lautenschlaeger
Samantha Meyer
Jennifer Novotny
John Nugent
Taylor Oreck
Christian Pieper
Brianne Roy
Darian Sager
Connor Schmidt
Logan Schreiber
Cami Schroder
Klairice Schwarz
Jovianne Schwibinger
Olivia Strutz
Sydney Tackes
Lexie Timm
Michael Troka
Ellie Welsch
Savannah Wiese
Catherine Williamson