PHS Commencement 2018

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PHS holds 2018 Commencement Exercises

Posted June 3, 2018
Updated June 4, 2018

Plymouth High School graduated 206 students June 3 at Plymouth City Park with hundreds of family and friends in attendance.

The Commencement Band, directed by Jason Sebranek, performed the processional and recessional. The Senior Choir, directed by Amanda Smith, sang “I’ll Always Remember You” arranged by Patsy Ford Simms.

Elizabeth Welsch, president of the PHS National Honor Society, welcomed those gathered and later directed students to shift their tassels. Class president Klairice Schwartz gave the closing remarks.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Amanda Krueger, Student Council president. She also announced the new inductees to the Plymouth High School Alumni Hall of Fame: Ralph C. Stayer and Allen Nohl.

PHS Principal Jennifer Rauscher explained the school’s cum laude system and the different color stolls worn by students: bronze for cum laude, silver for magna cum laude and gold for summa cum laude, the highest recognition. She also shared the poem “Vocation Blessing” by Sister Ita Ford.

Dr. Rauscher introduced the class exemplar, Klairice Schwartz, chosen by a panel of adults to represent the Class of 2018 based on her stellar academic work, extensive extracurricular involvement, and leadership skills.

Klairice said she initially planned to offer a math analogy, but instead decided to focus on the importance of community. “The benches you are all sitting on would be empty, this stage would be vacant, and the streets surrounding this park clear of cars without community,” she told her classmates.

Community is the constant in life, Klairice said. She noted that their journey thus far and moving forward could be looked at as a continuous equation, the sum of experiences, teachers, and friendships.

“The outcome of the equation attached to each of us as Plymouth graduates, no matter where we are going, is that we will impact the community we become a part of, adding our skills, our splash of color, and our mark, wherever we land,” she said.

Superintendent Carrie Dassow congratulated the graduates and thanked the families, teachers, staff, and community for their support of the students. “Whatever your path, it is my hope that the Plymouth School District has provided a place for you over the past years to gain the knowledge, the skills, the confidence, and the courage to approach your future with a spirit of hope to achieve your dreams,” she said.

Dr. Dassow also introduced the commencement speaker chosen by the seniors, Mary Strong, PHS language arts teacher and yearbook advisor for the past 19 years.

Ms. Strong, who is leaving PHS, noted that, like the graduates, she is beginning a new phase of her life. “We are standing at the precipice of our next adventure,” she told the graduates. “We are both ending and beginning today!”

To help guide the graduates, Ms. Strong offered her Top Ten Life Lessons:

  • Number 10: Respect your fears: Acknowledge your fears, but don’t let the fear of failing or disappointing others stop you.
  • Number 9: Don’t try to be clever when you should be wise: If you are wise you will know when it’s appropriate to be clever and when it’s not.
  • Number 8: Don’t make excuses: No one cares why you didn’t; they only care when you do, so show up.
  • Number 7: Be silly, be kind, be honest: Don’t be afraid to be silly. Be kind to yourself. Most importantly, always be honest with yourself.
  • Number 6: Learn from your mistakes: Learn lessons from your mistakes, the first being to not make the same mistake twice – that’s stupidity, and I didn’t teach any fools.
  • Number 5: Don’t settle for almost right: You only cheat yourself when you justify that which isn’t totally right for you.
  • Number 4: Wake up every morning as if something wonderful is going to happen: While unfortunately you won’t get to spend part of your day in my classroom any more, there is still a world of wonderful out there for you.
  • Number 3: All the universe conspires to help you achieve your goal: Go through life confidently knowing the universe wants you to win, wants you to achieve, and you will – if you trust your instincts and listen to the messages.
  • Number 2: Enjoy the journey: Shortcuts may get you to your destination faster, but you’ve missed the adventure.
  • Number 1: Make your life colorful: Life is … a box with 64 Crayolas and a sharpener in the back. Use them as a child does – with a glazed look of wonder when they are new, but not afraid to break a tip or tear back the paper to sharpen one.

To assist with the final Life Lesson, Ms. Strong left each graduate a box of crayons under his or her seat. “Take what you have learned and use it, change it, embellish on it,” she told the Class of 2018.

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Plymouth High School Class of 2018

Tèjaun Emanuel Akbar
Alexis Therese Anderson
John Otto Aschenbach
Hanna Grace Aukerman
Megan Mae Ausloos
Frederica Barresi
Laura Adeline Behr
Katharine Grace Benedict
Elizabeth Lorraine Benicke
Josie Kate Binder
Heather Ann Bins
Erica Tyler Birenbaum
Hannah Marie Bishop
Ty Gerhardt Brink
Jonathan Richard Brisson
Nicholas Andrew Broder
Colton J. Buell
Nahide Oyku Cakmak
Taylor Gregory Cohn
Kathleen Michelle Coley
Dakota David Cotter
Miranda Lynn Cotter
Cheyenne Nicole Culver
Mason William Dale
Keith Anthony D’Amato
Noah Robert DeSmidt
Austin John Diedrich
Dylan John Dittman
Hanna Lynne Eigenberger
Doraelia Shylah Esquivel
Samantha Morgan Fellenz
Jessica Ann Fenske
Isaac E. Fintak
Michelle Rose Flanagan
Gissel Bueno Florentino
Arizona Marie Fondrliak
Nathaniel Daniel Francis
Korey Dalton Friederichs
Adrianna Janell Georg
Nicole Marie Giese
Ashlyn Faith Gilhuber
Nicholas Samuel Godsey
Joseph William Goelzer
Caitlyn Nicole Goetsch
Mason Patrick Guell
Natassja Maragrite Gustafson
Maria De La Luz Guzman
Paul E. Hammes
Katharine E. Harpstead
Austin Elroy Hartmann
Joseph Edgar Harvey
Taylor Gregory Hau
Rebecca Lee Haumschild
Gabriel David Haun
Cory James Haupt
Caitlynn Ruth Hefter
Jacob Charles Hefter
Emma Nicole Hellmer
Madison Lynn Hilbelink
Kody Kurt Hitsman
Lucille Marie Hoitink
Adam Michael Hollister
Bryce F. Holzmann
Emma Grace Jewell
Nikolaus J. Johnson
Luis Jorquera
Connor Atienza Joseph
Justin Alexander Kannich
Skylar Richard Kapellen
Brandon Ray Keller
Alex Michael Kelly
Aaron Russell Kent
Matthew Michael Klemm
Joshua Francis Klister
Matthew Peter Klug
Cade Daniel Knaus
Kaylee Rae Krahn
Zachary John Kraus
Ryan Matthew Krebsbach
Aiden T. Kroll
Amanda Katherine Krueger
Meghan Claire Krueger
Matthew Gregory Krusiec
Logan Harold Kulow
Rhiannon Tess Lade
Bryce Edward Ladwig
Connor Patrick Laehn
Alexis Lynne Lautenschlaeger
Emily Jane LaVine
Jessica Christine Leider
Benjamin John Lenz
Anissa Jo Levister
Carly Joy Lilek
Kirsten Ashley Lockwood
Samantha Lynn Mee Loose
Kaitlyn Paige Luedtke
Simen Matti Lasse Mahnke
Aidan John Maki
Cheyla Grace Marcelle
Asher Shawn Marcom
Jayda Rose Martell
Cassandra Cari Marthaler
Hailee Marie Martin
Bradley Keith Mauk
Keegan Francis McMullen
Mackade Harris Mella
Dylan James Meyer
Samantha Jean Meyer
Samuel Robert Miller
Paige Rose Morgan
Sarah Jean Morris
Jacob Ralph Mueller
Jenna Lynn Myers
Jarrett Lee Neese
Dillon Scott Nemitz
Hailey Grace Nett
Derek John Novotny
Gabriel Joshua Olsen
Taylor Paige-Madge Oreck
Joseph Walter Osieczanek
Lucas Mancebo Perello
Courtney Lauren Perl
Sylvia Rose Peters
Brady Jeffrey Petrie
Alexander Lee Phipps
Benjamin Michael Picard
Peyton Lynn Picard
Garrison Richard Pierce
Anna Pinter
Katie Elizabeth Pocian
Elizabeth Rose Potrykus
Kayla Rose Prahl
Eric Daniel Preissner
Kathryn M. Radloff
Madeline Rae Radtke
Lillyanna Marie Ramos
Holden Finbar Reilly
Felix Patrick Riley
Edward Harrison Ristow
Chase Joseph Ritt
Maitland Marie Robinson
Sydney Ann Robinson
Cole Andrew Rogers
Jack H. Rortvedt
Brianne Fay Roy
Zachary Scott Ruppel
Darian James Sager
Katie Ann Sanborn
Trevor Scott Schaefer
Benjamin Patrick Schaefers
Ryan James Schauer
Jaxsen Ronald Schermacher
Alexis M. Schipper
Jacob Antonio Schirripa
Silvia Schmid
Connor David Schmidt
Andrew Mark Schmitt
Justin Joseph Schmitz
Luke James Schneider
Logan LeeAnn Schreiber
Hayden Richard Schuler
Brady Richard Schultz
Jesse Tomas Schwarten
Abigail Katherine Schwartz
Klairice Rose Schwartz
Kyle Richard Schwibinger
Joseph William Sebranek
Kathryn Elizabeth Sember
Jenna Jan Slabe
Adam Robert Pilialoha Smith
Deklan Bryce Solonika
Chris M. Stark
Kendra Rose Stauss
Matthew Ryan Steckel
Jamez H. Sternard
Sommer Lee Stoney
Madilyn Katherine Straub
Cassidy Lou Ann Struve
Taylor Jay Struve
Hannah Irene Stucke
Jewel Lynn Sydow
Kory Kohler Tetschlag
Kaitlyn Chai Thao
Hayley Maree Thome
Luc James Thompson
Alexandria May Timm
Kit Wing Tong
Emilee Nicole Torres
Jean Martin Torres
Ashley Sue Uribe
Adrien Elijah Vesely
Morgan Michelle Walcott
Hannah Weilinger
Nevin James Weigert
Elizabeth Catherine Welsch
Coragan Sue Ann Wieck
Savannah Lynn Wiese
Ian Michael Williams
Catherine Elizabeth Williamson
Alex Joseph Wodach
Kaylee Marissa Mae Woelfel
Lindsay Ruth Wollner
Sanae Yamamoto
Timothy Tristan Yurk
Brayton Scott Zimmermann
Quinn R. Zwick