Formula car built by PHS students

PHS Formula cars take 1,2 at Road America

Posted May 29, 2018

Plymouth High School took first and second in the Modified Class of the Formula High School Challenge held May 14-15 at Road America.

First place in the Modified Class went to the new PHS car 77, which averaged 43.97 seconds, the second-fastest time in any class. The team driving car 66, built last year, averaged 45.41 seconds to finish second in Modified and third overall.

The cars were designed, built and raced by members of the PHS Tech Club, created a few years ago as an umbrella extracurricular for tech ed-related projects. Formula High School provides hands-on experience with real-world problems for those interested in engineering and motorsports, but also draws on math, welding, CNC, manufacturing, physics, language arts.

PHS first participated in Formula High School in 2016, when it took third in Stock Racing Class. In 2017, students designed and built car 66, which took first in the Modified Class and second overall that year.

Students created car 77 for this year’s competition, which proved to be a true hands-on learning experience. “We did have to make some modifications to the engine,” said PHS tech ed teacher Greg Gritt. “We had a CVT clutching system, and we were burning up belts. We converted back to the older clutch and ran clean all day on Tuesday.”

Students began work on the new car in November, with guidance from Mr. Gritt and the other PHS tech ed teachers, Jake Sherman, Beau Biller and Ken Odekirk.

In addition to Formula High School, the PHS Tech Club also has participated in Project GRILL, High Mileage and Beat the Heat, plus numerous of community volunteer projects. Club members also lead tours for eighth-graders and second-graders in the LTC-Plymouth Science & Technology Center at PHS.

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