Thai visit 2018

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PHS hosts visitors from Thailand

Posted May 21, 2018

Plymouth High School recently hosted five students and two teachers from Thailand, who gave 25 presentations to about 740 people during their visit.

The visitors were part of the Wisconsin-Thailand Sunrise Program, created by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the Thailand Ministry of Education in 2005. Six or seven Wisconsin schools are chosen annually to host teachers and five students each for about two weeks. Plymouth previously hosted groups in 2014 and 2015.

The group visited Hennings Cheese, Henschel’s Museum and Kohler Co., and took a day trip to Chicago. They also gave a public performance at Generations, and presentations for Atrium Health Care and numerous classes at PHS, Riverview Middle School, and Fairview and Parkview elementary schools.

This year’s visitors, who stayed with local host families from April 21 to May 9, were:

  • Supakan Sornsungthong (nickname Pink), who stayed with the Maki family; favorite memory: Prom, “because it was exactly like the movies”
  • Chestapan Jaipiam (Ong), who stayed with the Francis family; favorite memory: riding a boat on the lake 
  • Warintorn Chanwiwatkul (Dear), who stayed with the Brink family; favorite memory: the Chicago trip
  • Kittipat Leela-Adisorn (Pat), who stayed with the Tournour family; favorite memory: trying new food
  • Saran Nuyok (Don), who stayed with the Josephs family; favorite memory: spending time with his family
  • Teachers De and Arisa, who stayed with Jan Nelson and Dave Johnson and Donna Counselman

Before heading home, the visitors spent two days in Madison for sightseeing and a UW-Madison campus tour.

The group said they liked Plymouth, were sad to leave and were making plans to return, said Laura Koebel, PHS Spanish teacher. “I asked what they would like us to know about Thailand, and they said that it is a very smiley country, very friendly,” Mrs. Koebel said. “Also that it would be a good idea to learn a little Thai before you go.” 

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