PHS Awards Night 2018

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PHS students earn $1.6 million in scholarships

Posted May 21, 2018

Members of the Plymouth High School Class of 2018 will be receiving more than $1.6 million in scholarships, which were announced during the annual Scholarship Awards Night held May 16 at the school.

The total includes about $72,000 from the Arno A. & Loretta K. Vogt Memorial Scholarship, which will be divided evenly among 80 recipients who have a 3.0 GPA and participated in at least 10 high school extracurricular activities. Each will receive about $900. Arno (1904-1988) and Loretta K. Vogt (1906-1997) were lifelong learners and dedicated educators. They both taught in Sheboygan County schools and lived on Reed Street in Plymouth. Their love for education and the welfare of children has continued through their generous gift to the schools of this area.

Also among the awards were 32 scholarships worth a total of $43,075 administered by the Plymouth Education Foundation.


PHS seniors receiving scholarships

Alexis Anderson: $900 Vogt

John Aschenbach: $76,000 St. Xavier University Merit; $24,000 St. Xavier University Athletic Golf; ECCA Award

Hanna Aukerman: $900 Vogt

Laura Behr: $1,500 Professional Business Women; $900 Vogt

Katharine Benedict: $900 Vogt; $500 PHS Class of 1977; ECCA Award

Elizabeth Benicke: $500 LTC Promise Opportunity; Local 833 UAW

Josie Binder: $80,000 St. Norbert 4 year Trustee Distinguished; $900 Vogt

Erica Birenbaum: $1,500 Robert Stoll Memorial; $900 Vogt

Jonathan Brisson: $16,000 Kohler Company; $1,000 UW-Platteville Merit; $900 Vogt

Kathleen Coley: $20,000 Kohler Foundation; $9,000 WI Academic Excellence; $3,000 Jean Lammers Schwiesow; $900 Vogt

Miranda Cotter: $4,500 WI Technical Excellence Scholarship; $1,000 Plymouth Lions Club; $500 Plymouth Rotary Club Scholarship; $500 PHS Class of 1977

Mason Dale: $1,000 Plymouth Utilities; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Noah DeSmidt: $250 VFW Auxiliary Post 5612

Hanna Eigenberger: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Jessica Fenske: $1,000 Plymouth Lions Club; $800 Cascade Lions Club; $900 Vogt; $500 Ambelang-Elbelt-Lau American Legion Post 386

Nathan Francis: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Korey Friederichs: $900 Vogt; $500 PHS Football Booster Club; ECCA Award

Caitlyn Goetsch: $1,500 Eleanor Fischong

Mason Guell: $900 Vogt; $700 UAW CAP Council; $500 Wells Fargo Bank; Senior Athletic Award; ECCA Award

Maria Guzman: Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Sheboygan Co.

Paul Hammes: $900 Vogt; $500 J.M. Rock Family

Katharine Harpstead: $900 Vogt

Joseph Harvey: $96,000 U.S. Army Post 9/11 GI Bill

Taylor Hau: $14,000 Ferris State University Dean; $1,000 Robert H. Mueller; $900 Vogt

Rebecca Haumschild: $900 Vogt

Gabriel Haun: $1,000 UTI Top Tech Challenge

Cory Haupt: $80,000 St. Norbert 4 year Trustee Distinguished; $900 Vogt; $500 Gilbert G. Gilman Business & Banking

Caitlyn Hefter: $500 LTC Foundation High School

Emma Hellmer: $1,000 Jean Carman Blanke Memorial; $900 Vogt; $750 Ardell & Helen Gerber Schuricht Scholarship

Kody Hitsman: LTC Promise; $900 Vogt; $500 Plymouth Rotary Club

Lucille Hoitink: $4,200 June Longrie Vollrath; $1,500 Professional Business Women; $900 Vogt; $400 Eagles Club 1312

Emma Jewell: $900 Vogt

Connor Joseph: $9,000 WI Academic Excellence; $1,000 Jeff Petrie; $900 Vogt; $500 GFWC Plymouth Woman’s Club; ECCA Award

Skylar Kapellen: $4,000 Masters Gallery Leonard “Butch” Gentine; $1,000 UW Platteville Plymouth Comprehensive High School; $500 VFW Auxiliary Post 5612

Brandon Keller: $84,000 Concordia University Presidential; $900 Vogt; $500 PHS Football Booster Club; ECCA Award; Division III Student Athlete

Alex Kelly: $32,000 Lakeland Academic; $900 Vogt; Division III Student Athlete

Matthew Klemm: $900 Vogt

Joshua Klister: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Matt Klug: $48,000 Concordia Presidential; Division III Student Athlete

Cade Knaus: $1,000 Jimmy Lohr Memorial Golf; $1,000 UW Madison Alumni Club of Sheboygan County; $1,000 Stuart & Alyce Giffin; $900 Vogt; $800 Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame; $500 PHS Football Booster Club; $500 Smerke’s Sportsmans Club; WIAA Scholar Athlete Award; Senior Athletic Award; ECCA Award

Zachary Kraus: $4,500 WI Technical Excellence Award

Amanda Krueger: $20,000 Kohler Foundation; $12,000 Johnsonville; $1,500 PHS Alumni; $900 Vogt; $500 Knight of Columbus #1789 Harold Schmidt

Logan Kulow: $18,000 Ferris State University Provost; $900 Vogt; $800 Ernest & Ruth Haucke

Bryce Ladwig: $1,000 Justin Lilesand Memorial; $900 Vogt; $300 Dairy Doctors Veterinary Services; NFHS Spirit of Sport Award 

Alexis Lautenschlaeger: $57,000 U.S. Air Force ROTC; $40,000 Presidential Merit; $10,000 Purdue General Non-Resident; $7,300 Alumni General; $900 Vogt; $500 Mike Slagle Memorial; ECCA Award

Emily LaVine: $900 Vogt; $500 Knights of Columbus #1789 Harold Schmidt

Jessica Leider: Senior Athletic Award

Carly Lilek: $40,000 Ab Nicholas Foundation; $900 Vogt; Senior Athletic Award; ECCA Award

Samantha Loose: LTC Promise

Kaitlyn Luedtke: $52,000 Concordia University of WI Presidential; $900 Vogt

Asher Marcom: ECCA Award

Jayda Martell: $49,600 Royal Merit; $3,300 Bethel Experience; $900 Vogt

Keegan McMullen: $1,112 PHS Swim & Dive Boys Alumni; $1,000 Country Visions Cooperative; $900 Vogt

Mackade Mella: $1,000 National Wild Turkey Federation; $900 Vogt; $500 PHS Football Booster Club; ECCA Award; Division III Student Athlete

Samantha Meyer: $12,000 Johnsonville; $1,000 UW-Platteville Academic Merit; $900 Vogt; $500 Plymouth Snow Rangers; Lions Club Sportsmanship Award; Senior Athletic Award; ECCA Award 

Sam Miller: $1,000 Plymouth Lions Club; $900 Vogt

Sarah Morris: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Dillon Nemitz: $1,000 Plymouth Utilities; $900 Vogt; $100 Sheboygan Elks Club Student of the Month

Derek Novotny: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Gabriel Olsen: $68,000 St. Norberts Presidential; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award; Division III Student Athlete

Taylor Oreck: $1,000 Ladewig-Zinkgraf American Legion Post 243; $900 Vogt

Brady Petrie: $23,900 UW Milwaukee Lubar School of Business; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Peyton Picard: $900 Vogt

Garrison Pierce: $26,000 Iowa State University Award for Competitive Excellence; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Katie Pocian: $1,500 Harold Steinke; $1,000 Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Staff; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Elizabeth Potrykus: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Kayla Prahl: $5,000 Walter & June Vollrath; $2,000 Lloyd Streblow Memorial; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Eric Preissner: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Holden Reilly: $900 Vogt; ECCA Award; Division III Athlete

Sydney Robinson: $900 Vogt; $500 Jessie Rock Memorial; ECCA Award

Cole Rogers: $900 Vogt

Brianne Roy: $48,000 Viterbo University Academic; $2,000 Nightingale Competition; $900 Vogt; $500 Jessie Rock Memorial

Darian Sager: $15,000 Leonard Gentine Sr.; $900 Vogt; $500 Knights of Columbus #1789 Harold Schmidt; $500 Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

Ben Schaefers: $2,500 Elizabeth A. Jewett; $1,000 Ernest Broeniman; $1,000 Women’s Civic Society of Plymouth-Barbara Voelker Memorial; $500 Plymouth Education Association

Jaxsen Schermacher: $1,112 PHS Swim & Dive Boys Alumni; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award; Division III Student Athlete

Connor Schmidt: ECCA Award

Andrew Schmitt: $32,000 Iowa State ACE; $3,000 Iowa State LAS Deans Academic Excellence; $900 Vogt

Justin Schmitz: $120,000 Illinois Institute of Technology Herald; $5,000 Illinois Institute of Technology Elevate Award; $900 Vogt; $500 Allechant Boutique & Maggie’s Closet Fashion; Local UAW Community Services

Luke Schneider: $900 Vogt; Senior Athletic Award; ECCA Award

Logan Schreiber: $1,000 Mike Slagle Memorial Female Swimmer; $900 Vogt

Klairice Schwartz: $72,000 St. Norbert College Presidential; $7,707 SNC; $5,000 Rhyan Family Class Exemplar; $1,000 Beaver Dam High School Alumni; $900 Vogt

Kyle Schwibinger: $1,500 UW-Stevens Point Pointer Payback; $900 Vogt; $500 Winooski Bowmen Archery Club; $300 Fishermans Road Fishing Club; $250 Plymouth Wrestling Booster Club; $200 Melray & Helen Kestell

Joseph Sebranek: $900 Vogt; $500 Plymouth Chamber of Commerce; ECCA Award

Jenna Slabe: $1,000 “Hands on Your Future” Scholarship; $1,000 Women’s Civic Society of Plymouth – Barbara Voelker Memorial

Adam Smith: $1,500 Lona Ahrnsbrak; $1,000 Masonic Lodge; $900 Vogt; $100 Griebel Award Boys Soccer; Senior Athletic Award; Lions Club Sportsmanship Award; ECCA Award; John Andereck Community Service Award

Kendra Stauss: $900 Vogt

Sommer Stoney: $900 Vogt

Madilyn Straub: $900 Vogt; $500 Eldon M. Amundson Family

Hannah Stucke: $2,000 UW-Madison Cora I. Jayne Academic Merit; $1,000 Gordon McFarlane Memorial; $900 Vogt; $500 Bill & Gloria Lehman Memorial; ECCA Award

Kory Tetschlag: $1,500 Colonel Raymond Porter & Irene Porter; $1,000 UW-Stout Polytechnic; $1,000 Marshall Sign; $900 Vogt; ECCA Award

Hayley Thome: $1,000 Plymouth Lions Club

Alexandria Timm: $40,000 Raiders Ed Excellence; $12,000 Destination MSOE; $10,000 Distribution Contractors Assoc. DCA R. Michels Endowed; $4,000 MSOE Scout

Emilee Torres: $15,000 Leonard Gentine Sr.; $2,500 Michael Volkema; $900 Vogt

Ashley Uribe: $2,000 Masters Gallery Leonard “Butch” Gentine

Morgan Walcott: $1,000 “Hands on Your Future”

Nevin Weigert: $1,000 Marshall Sign; $900 Vogt

Elizabeth Welsch: $80,000 St. Norbert Trustee Distinguished; $4,200 Francis Family; $1,000 Aurora Sheboygan Clinic; $900 Vogt; WIAA Scholar Athlete Award; ECCA Award; John Andereck Community Service Award

Savannah Wiese: $900 Vogt; $500 Alice Ebenreiter; ECCA Award

Ian Williams: $1,000 UW-Stout Honors; $900 Vogt

Catherine  Williamson: $900 Vogt

Kaylee Woelfel: $900 Vogt; Local 833 UAW Conservation

Lindsay Wollner: $900 Vogt; $500 Helen P. Gilboy; $500 Ambelang-Ebelt-Lau American Legion Post 386

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