4 students wearing medals

The Plymouth High School team of, from left, Dallas Kreisa and Alex Oty, Jacob Ashworth and Kyle Kraus took first at the UW-Oshkosh Mathematical Problem Solving Contest.

PHS team wins state math contest

Posted May 14, 2018

A Plymouth High School team took first out of 67 teams at a recent math competition, as PHS also finished second overall as a school.

The second annual UW-Oshkosh Mathematical Problem Solving Contest featured school, team and individual levels of competition for 1,178 students from 54 schools from around the state.

In the team competition, the High School Team Gold Medal was won by the PHS team of sophomores Jacob Ashworth, Kyle Kraus, Dallas Kreisa and Alex Oty.

All four also finished individually in the Top Ten Percent of students in their grade, as did freshman Ryan Kraus. That strong showing helped PHS take second place in the Top Performing High School competition.

In addition, Riverview Middle school seventh-grader Carson Schwartz and eighth-graders Reed Gahagan and Matt Sheridan also placed in the Top Ten Percent as individuals.

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4 students at a table

Jacob, Kyle, Alex, and Dallas work on problems at the competition.