Baseball field from behind home plate

The PHS baseball diamond

PHS gets national recognition for athletic fields

Posted May 14, 2018

Plymouth High School has been awarded a Fields of Excellence Award from Pioneer Athletics for its football, soccer and baseball fields.

During a ceremony May 9 at the school, a Pioneer representative presented PHS with a certificate of recognition and a Fields of Excellence banner to display. Pioneer, the nation’s leading manufacturer of athletic field marking paint and equipment, may use pictures of the PHS fields in its publications and calendar.

PHS was awarded its first Fields of Excellence Award last year for the football field. Groundskeeper Ryan Rusch and his crew take great pride in the condition of the PHS playing fields, which allowed the Panthers to host more games this wet, snowy spring.

Understanding that excellence in athletic field maintenance goes unrecognized, Pioneer created the Fields of Excellence Award Program in 1997 to honor outstanding athletic fields and the hardworking crews who diligently maintain them.  Each year, colleges, universities, high schools, and parks and recreation departments from all over the United States submit photographs, letters of recommendation and application forms. To date, the program has honored more than 1,000 athletic fields around the country, including 91 in the 2017 program.

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Aerial view of football field with pawprint stencil

The PHS football field

Midfield view of soccer field

The PHS soccer field