Plaques honoring Plymouth High School Alumni Hall of Fame inductees hang in the main lobby

PHS seeking Alumni Hall of Fame nominees

Posted March 5, 2018

The Plymouth High School Student Council is accepting nominations for the Alumni Hall of Fame, which honors graduates who have made a difference, achieved a high level of success, and given unselfishly to make their community a better place.

Nominees must have graduated from Plymouth High School at least 10 years ago, and should be people who have made exceptional achievements in areas including education, science and technology, business, literature, athletics, and public service.

Nominations are due Monday, May 8. The Student Council Hall of Fame Committee chooses the inductees, who are announced during the PHS graduation ceremony in June and formally inducted during PHS Homecoming in the fall.

The Alumni Hall of Fame was created in 2010 to provide current students and the extended community the opportunity to honor excellence. Inductees serve as role models for students, and offer a chance to celebrate the successes of PHS graduates.

Learn more:
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• Check out the Post-Graduate Success section of our District Report Card to learn more about how Plymouth grads are making an impact all over the world.

Alumni Hall of Fame members

  • Gilbert G. Gilman, Class of 1940, banker, inducted in 2015
  • Dar Blanke, Class of 1941, bank president and civic leader, inducted in 2016
  • Carol Edler Baumann, Class of 1950, of the Class of political science professor, inducted in 2010 
  • Timm A Zimmermann, Class of 1953, nuclear medicine pioneer, inducted in 2010 
  • Luther Schriefer, Class of 1955, U.S. Navy Admiral, inducted in 2014 
  • Dr. Kazuhiko Maekawa, Class of 1958, the first foreign exchange student at PHS, inducted in 2010 
  • Dr. Philip M. Krueger, Class of 1958, ob/gyn and U.S. Forest Service Heritage Hero, inducted in 2011 
  • David G. Wacker, Class of 1958, teacher and renowned photographer, inducted in 2014 
  • Barbara (Koehler) Lavallee, Class of 1960, artist and book illustrator, inducted in 2011 
  • Wayne Huberty, Class of 1960, certified public accountant, inducted in 2012 
  • Nancy Blick Jusky, Class of 1960, community activist, inducted in 2013  
  • Sister Kathryn Schilling, Class of 1961, who ministers to the poor in Nicaragua, inducted in 2011 
  • Lou Gentine, Class of 1966, owner of Sargento Foods, inducted in 2012 
  • Thomas Kestell, Class of 1966, dairy farmer, inducted in 2016
  • Tony Evers, Class of 1969, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, inducted in 2011 
  • Roger Boeckmann, Class of 1971, automotive technician, inducted in 2015 
  • James Hemauer, Class of 1973, advocate for those with disabilities, inducted in 2013 
  • Gary Gritt, Class of 1973, co-founder of High Tech Tool and Die, inducted in 2017
  • Joan Vorpagel, Class of 1973, Parkview Elementary School secretary, inducted in 2014 
  • Dr. Sharon (Blanke) Chappy, Class of 1975, nursing educator, inducted in 2015 
  • Bill Miller, Class of 1980, outdoors writer and expert, inducted in 2013 
  • Laura Schwartz, Class of 1991, speaker and author, inducted in 2012 
  • Dr. Joel Dudley, Class of 1995, professor of genetics and genomic sciences, inducted in 2017
  • Lisa (Peplinski) Jaster, Class of 1996, third woman to graduate from the Army Ranger Program, inducted in 2016
  • Beau Hoopman, Class of 1999, member of the 2004 and 2008 Olympic rowing teams, inducted in 2017