Inside the Parkview gym, showing the stage and court floor

The court lines of the Fairview and Parkview gyms are very close to the walls, requiring players to be very agile near the borders.

Referendum Focus: Elementary gyms

Posted February 12, 2018

The April 3 referendum includes a proposal for new gyms at Fairview and Parkview elementary schools, to provide better physical education for students and better recreation opportunities for the community.

The district has been a leader in emphasizing the wellness of the whole child, and a key part of that is adequate space for year-round, indoor activities.

The small gyms at Fairview and Parkview elementary schools reduces the number of stations that P.E. teachers can have set up at any one time, which limits variety and means students must wait for a turn. The stages are rarely used, taking up valuable space.

New two-court gyms, like that at Horizon Elementary School, would allow for twice as much student movement in the same amount of time. Larger gyms also would provide a viable indoor recess option for those days when it is too cold to play outside.

While new gyms primarily would be intended to benefit students, they also would be available for use by youth and adult community groups, as the district believes strongly in opening its facilities to the public.

Bigger elementary gyms would relieve some of the demand for gym space in our community, which does not have a YMCA or similar indoor facility. A two-court gym could be divided by a screen to accommodate twice as many youth teams, for example, or opened up to allow a full-court adult recreational game at a safe distance from the walls.

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About the referendum

The referendum question, which will be on the April 3 ballot, asks voters if they support borrowing up to $31.9 million to improve safety/security; to expand learning opportunities for high school students; and to provide better access to education, wellness and recreation for students and the community.

The district is putting the referendum question before voters after spending nearly a year conducting a thoughtful and thorough evaluation of existing facilities and seeking community feedback through focus groups and a districtwide survey.

The Board of Education believes this is a good time to consider a referendum, given the district’s tradition of fiscal responsibility, its low mill rate compared to other districts, and historically low interest rates.

District officials are available to visit community groups to share information and answer questions regarding the referendum; call the district office at 892-2661 to arrange a talk. In addition, the district has scheduled two Open Houses to provide information about the referendum:

  • 5 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 13 at Fairview
  • 5 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 15 at Parkview

Learn more:

Read an article about where you can get more information about the referendum.
• Visit the Referendum Information webpage at
• Call 892-2661.
• Email