Photos: PHS semester projects

Posted January 29, 2018

In addition to tradition paper-and-pencil final exams, Plymouth High School students have been busy with various projects to culminate the first semester.


Close-up of 4 bridges

Applied Geometry: bridge building

Applied Geometry students were challenged to design and build a strong and aesthetically pleasing bridge as a culminating activity for the semester. Faculty were invited to judge the bridges on their strength as well as on how nice they look.


Cake Decorating

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Culinary Arts 2: cake decorating

Culinary Arts 2 classes, which have a final exam that is both written and practical, recently also held a cake-decorating competition, judged by staff volunteers on how well the designs would appeal to potential customers. The competition requires students to exhibit the professional culinary arts team skills they have been working on all semester while creating and designing a cake of their choice. Winners were:

  • 2nd Hour: Mill Pond by Tori Robinson, Bennett Dale, Lauren Kent and Brynn Wiltzius
  • 3rd Hour: Vegetable Garden by Caitlyn Goestch, Anna Pinter and Madelaine Brix
  • 4th Hour: Hedgehog by Jeremiah Krahn, Nic Bastian, Greg Even and D'Kota Dvorak

Food Trucks

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Culinary Arts 3: food trucks

Culinary Arts 3 students created a theme and a slogan, then designed a mini food truck. They also demonstrated their skills in menu development and food preparation as they prepared miniature versions of a product that would be served on their truck.


Puppets on stage

Drama I: puppet show

Drama I students created an original puppet show – including writing the script and building the puppets – and shared it with Horizon students as their final exam. They demonstrate their understanding of a performance piece, which has the classic elements of a story:  setting, characters, theme, and plot.


Students on stage

Drama II/III Independent Study: original play

Drama II/III Independent Study students – also known as the Amph-Rats Acting Company because they perform in the Amphitheatre – wrote and presented the original play "Dungeons, Dragons, and Disconnections" for the public earlier this month.


Students holding books

English I: short stories

For that past 16 years, freshmen in Janet DeJean Newton’s English 1 class have demonstrated their understanding of short story elements by writing an original story, creating illustrations, and then "publishing" it into a hard bound book that they build out of cardboard, copy paper, and contact paper – all bound with a needle and thread they stitch by hand. 

“This project is always due just before the holiday break, since some of the kids actually give them as gifts,” Mrs. Newton said. “I would guess that we have published well over 800 – even 1,000 – of these books at PHS in the past 16 years.”

About the same time she introduced the project to this fall's classes, she received a note from a former student saying something like: "Hey, Mrs. Newton! How are you! I just found my book "Rufus the Hairless Monkey" that I made back in 2003 in your class. Looks like I could have worked harder on it, but I remember having fun making it."