Riverview students enjoy floor hockey

Extracurriculars Pillar:

Intramurals added for grades 5-6

Posted January 22, 2018

Riverview Middle School has launched a free after-school intramurals program for students of all skill levels in grades five and six.

Awesome Intramurals began in November, with volleyball and then basketball offered after school on Tuesdays and Thursday in the Riverview gym. The next session will feature floor hockey in January and February, and a third session in March and April might feature soccer, flag football, and dance team.

The new intramural program provides students with a variety of interesting, diverse, and challenging activities to accommodate different levels of skill and interests. The main intent is for students to enjoy learning about the activities, without pressure to compete and win. Students can enjoy the benefits of movement, develop positive attitudes, increase self-esteem, engage in positive social interactions, and broaden their skill, fitness and leisure choices.

The program, coordinated by Riverview physical education teacher Gina Krueger, is one of the initiatives called for by the district Extracurriculars Pillar strategic plan, meant to make more extracurriculars available to younger students.

The Board of Education has established four Pillars of Excellence – Academic Excellence, Extracurriculars, Community Engagement, and Financial Responsibility – as key principles that distinguish the district and advance its mission. Each Pillar has a strategic plan that identifies desired Future States and initiatives for the next three years.

The overarching goal of the Extracurriculars Pillar is to increase extracurricular opportunities and participation. The desired Future States are:

  • All Plymouth School District students will take part in at least one extracurricular activity on an annual basis.
  • The Plymouth School District will be the hub for coordination and communication about extracurricular activities for the Plymouth Community
  • All faculty and staff will be involved in extracurriculars to leverage student achievement benefits and increase community engagement.

To move closer to those Future States, the 2017-18 Extracurricular strategies include:

  • Implement selected opportunities for increased participation based on Action Research, such as Riverview Intramurals.
  • Implement continual improvement of publicity and outreach plan focusing on web and social media platform engagement.
  • Increase size and scope of K-4 extracurricular club.
  • Assess the demand for improvements and additions to facilities from the survey and public outreach. Begin recommended maintenance and improvements.
  • Enact comprehensive improvements with city and community partners and increase scheduling communication and coordination for all community activities.
  • Plan for continual improvement of faculty and staff.

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