Financial Responsibility Pillar:

District adds videos to draw families, staff

Posted January 8, 2018

The Plymouth School District now has a pair of videos to help tell the story of what makes it special – and hopefully draw new families and faculty to the district.

The first video (above), titled “Become Your Best,” illustrates the district’s mission: “To encourage everyone to see and be his/her personal best through successful learning experiences. Become your best!” The second video (below), titled “Excellence in Education,” is used to help recruit faculty and staff and explores how the district values and supports its employees.

The videos, produced by 1994 Plymouth High School grad J.J. Burkart of SilverWater Productions, were called for by the Financial Responsibility Pillar of Excellence strategic plan.

The Board of Education has established four Pillars of Excellence – Academic Excellence, Extracurriculars, Community Engagement, and Financial Responsibility – as key principles that distinguish the district and advance its mission. Each Pillar has a strategic plan that identifies desired Future States and initiatives for the next three years.

The overarching goal of the Financial Pillar is to improve the district financial outlook while maximizing and maintaining available capacity. The desired Future States are:

  • District has sufficient funds to support all educational programming and operations and does not need to rely on short-term borrowing and other outside revenue sources.
  • Food Service and Community Education will be self-sustaining entities.
  • District will work with other organizations to acquire, share and utilize sources of additional revenue.
  • District will have a fully funded maintenance operating plan and fully funded capital improvements plan.
  • Board of Education will develop sufficient influence to fully and adequately operate the school district from traditional sources of local taxes, state aid and federal aid and be competitive with other area school districts in its services offered.

To move closer to those Future States, the 2017-18 Financial Responsibility strategies include:

  • DLT will review budget and recommend priorities.
  • Outline of Employee Benefit Trust to be presented and funded as surplus allows.
  • District will evaluate electronic collection systems for practicality.
  • Food Service & Community Ed will be balanced or in surplus. Budget performance will be evaluated. Fees will be a greater percentage of Community Education total expenditures.
  • Develop annual reporting method to set baseline of participation, advances and set-backs.
  • Evaluate internally funded efforts, reprioritize resources as necessary. Seek more detailed planning of district and community priorities for scope and funding. Pursue funding if desired.
  • Review new state and federal initiatives and votes to gage district influence/agreement.

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