Riverview students pose with Chromebooks in front of a Foundation sign

Four Riverview fifth-graders hold Chromebooks, which were paid for in part by a grant from the Plymouth Education Foundation.

PEF grant helps provide laptops for Riverview

Posted January 2, 2018

Riverview Middle School has a new classroom set of Chomebooks, thanks in part to a grant from the Plymouth Education Foundation.

The foundation funded a grant request by sixth-grade teacher Brad Mey and fifth-grade teacher Kelly Lugonjic to provide 15 of the laptop computers. The Plymouth School District IT department provided 15 more Chromebooks and a charging cart.

“I have really enjoyed having the use of the Chromebooks,” Mrs. Lugonjic said. “It has allowed students to work at their own pace and for me to work with smaller groups of students. It almost feels like there is two of me in the classroom.”

Students use the Chromebooks to watch math instructional videos, utilize the resources on the fifth- and sixth-grade website, and access Google Classroom. The students’ personalized learning also is enhanced through using the Chromebooks to access online resources such as Front Row, iReady, TenMarks, Moby Max, Khan Academy, IXL, Learnzillion, Virtual Nerd, as well as many others.

The goal of the initiative is to fully implement “flipped” learning classrooms. Flipped classrooms – in which each student uses a device to receive personalized instruction, freeing the teacher to provide individual assistance as needed – foster flexible learning environments and student-centered culture.

“The inspiration for wanting to implement a flipped learning classroom is to meet all students at their level,” the teachers wrote in their grant application. “This will allow students to apply and engage concepts at their own pace, which in turn will help students of all abilities excel.”