Group photo of cast and crew holding plaques and certificates

The Plymouth High School One Act cast includes, first row from left, Carisa Kleinhans, Azure Maki, Lexi Sheridan, Olivia Straub; second row, Anne Sedlacek, Matt Klemm, Lizzie Riley, Mady Straub, Bennett Josephs; third row, Jaxsen Schermacher, Justin Schmitz, Adam Carbaugh, Paul Hammes, Dillon Nemitz, Logan Kulow, and Louis Gentine.

PHS One Act brings home 10 State awards

Posted November 27, 2017

Plymouth High School has garnered 10 state awards for its one-act play: Critic's Choice Award, Outstanding Ensemble Award, Outstanding Crew Award, Outstanding Directing Award, and six individual Outstanding Acting Awards.

The awards were announced during the Wisconsin High School State Theatre Festival held Nov. 17 and 18 at UW-Whitewater. The Critic’s Choice Award is highest honor possible, while the Outstanding Ensemble Award recognizes the ability of a cast to work and communicate with each other.

Anne Sedlacek (costuming), Carisa Kleinhans (sound effects), and Jaxsen Schermacher (lighting) earned the Outstanding Crew Award, which recognizes excellence in costume, sound, lighting, and set.  Directors Brad Feick and Herb Stoltenberg were honored with the Outstanding Directing Award. Earning individual Outstanding Acting Awards were Adam Carbaugh, Paul Hammes, Matt Klemm, Lizzie Riley, Justin Schmitz and Mady Straub.

Jamie Cheatham, artistic director and head of Acting at Marquette University, wrote in her comments that the show had "strong pacing, focus and energy" and included "strong, consistent performances." Pat Barlow, former director of performing Arts at Madison College, marked that "watching this play reminded me of wood block art coming to life." Emily Lyon-Hansen, a professional actor and playwright, wrote, "Chaucer would be pleased; captured wit, humor, and humanity."

One-act plays must be completed in less than 40 minutes, including set-up and take-down of sets. PHS presented “The Canterbury Tales,” written by Lindsay Price and based on Geoffrey Chaucer's classic British Literature piece by the same title.

Travelling to Canterbury to pray at the shrine of the martyred saint, Thomas Becket, a group of pilgrims (a Miller, a Reeve, a Prioress, a Pardoner, a Cook, and the Wife of Bath) stop at an inn where they are challenged by their host to a storytelling competition. Three pilgrims – the Prioress, the Wife of Bath, and the Reeve – each share hilarious and entertaining tales. The Prioress reveals a moral within her tale of a vain rooster, his lovely hen, and a cunning fox. The Wife of Bath answers the question of "what do women want," and the Reeve seeks revenge against the Miller by telling a story of a foolish miller.

In order to advance to the state competition, PHS performed well at district competition Oct. 21 and also at sectionals Nov. 4. This production will tour the Plymouth schools in May.

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Cast List

Erica Birenbaum
Adam Carbaugh
Louis Gentine
Paul Hammes
Emma Hellmer
Rosalia Johnson
Ethan Joseph
Bennett Josephs
Matt Klemm
Logan Kulow
Alia Loehr
Azure Maki
Dillon Nemitz
Lizzie Riley
Katie Pocian
Lexi Sheridan
Justin Schmitz
Logan Schreiber
Cami Schroeder
Anne Sedlacek
Mady Straub
Olivia Straub
Ian Theisenhusen
Andrew Van Norwick
Margaret Williamson

Crew List

Sarah Birenbaum
Carisa Kleinhans
Alexis Nelson
Jaxsen Schermacher

Cast members on stage in costume

Members of the Plymouth High School One Act cast perform during the Wisconsin High School State Theatre Festival. Seen here, from left, Azure Maki, (Ethan Joseph-Hidden), Anne Sedlacek, Logan Kulow, Madilyn Straub, Adam Carbaugh, Dillon Nemitz, and Louis Gentine. Photo by Clare Sedlacek