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We are thankful for our volunteers, donors

Posted November 20, 2017

The Plymouth School District would like to take this opportunity to thank our volunteers and donors for supporting our mission of encouraging everyone to see and be his/her personal best through successful learning experiences!


Regular volunteers in our schools include:

Fairview Elementary School

  • Travis Argue, recess helper
  • Sara Baltus, Friday Folders
  • Kathleen Barry, classroom volunteer & Friday Folders
  • Tammy Fisher, Friday Folders
  • Cheryl Haucke, classroom volunteer & Friday Folders
  • Nikki Heller, Friday Folders
  • Melissa Hill, recess helper
  • Deb Klock, classroom volunteer
  • Kay Kornetzke, classroom volunteer
  • Jaimie Kurtz, classroom volunteer
  • Heidi Mabie, Friday Folders
  • Shannon Mendenhall, classroom volunteer
  • Linda Reichardt, classroom volunteer
  • Sheri Rosetti, classroom volunteer
  • Stephanie Schirmer, classroom volunteer & Friday Folders
  • Jessica Van Derven, classroom volunteer
  • Nicole Wilson, classroom volunteer

Horizon Elementary School

  • Bob Blanke, third- and fourth-grade classroom helper
  • Mary Erhardt, third-grade classroom helper
  • Laura Graney, 4K classroom helper
  • Derek Klug, fourth-grade classroom helper
  • Aaron Martell, first-grade classroom helper
  • Marilyn Vorpagel, fourth-grade classroom and library helper

Parkview Elementary School

  • Ashley Aderman, first-grade classroom helper
  • Anna Anderson, first-grade classroom helper
  • Bernadette Biller, first-grade classroom helper
  • Pastor David Blas, works with English Language Learners
  • Gary Burdick, third-grade classroom helper and Lunch Buddy
  • Kim Burdick, first-grade classroom helper
  • Sara Christy, third-grade classroom helper and listen to children read in 5K
  • Sarah Dailey, fill reading bags
  • Amanda Ecker, Lunch Buddy
  • Lauren Ehr, works with English Language Learners
  • Cindy Evanoff, Lunch Buddy
  • Amanda Greene, 4K classroom helper
  • Ellie Hartman, 5K classroom helper
  • Bonnie Hembles, first-grade classroom helper
  • Tana House, third-grade classroom helper and Lunch Buddy
  • Jerry Koene, listen to children read
  • Carolyn Krahn, Friday Folders
  • Vicki Kriesa, fill reading bags
  • Christina Lensmire, PTK Vice President
  • Nicole Lensmire, PTK Secretary
  • Lisa Malnory, PTK Treasurer
  • Jim Marshall, Lunch Buddy
  • Hannah McFarlin , first-grade classroom helper and works with English Language Learners
  • Susan Nordyk, listen to children read
  • Nicholas Noster, 4K classroom helper
  • Rhonda Peterson, third-grade classroom helper 
  • Ginny Petrie, third-grade classroom helper
  • Brenda Phipps, fill reading bags
  • Adam Price, Lunch Buddy
  • Tanya Rodriguez, 5K classroom helper
  • Emily Ruehle, Lunch Buddy
  • Don Schaeffer, second-grade classroom helper and Lunch Buddy
  • Paul Schneider, Lunch Buddy
  • Janis Schroeder, library helper
  • Katie Schuenemann, 4K, second- and fourth-grade classroom helper
  • Vicki Schultz, fourth-grade classroom helper
  • Diane Sheahan, third-grade classroom helper
  • Claire Sobieske, library helper
  • Jeannie Strandholm, prep materials for classroom projects
  • Barb Thede, listen to children read
  • Gretchen Tillman, Lunch Buddy
  • Brad Yurk, PTK President


Thanks to the following donors to the Plymouth School District during the past year:

  • Plymouth Education Foundation: $16,810 for the Riverview STEAM Program; $11,922 in grants to fund innovative initiatives that enhance the educational experience for students.
  • PHS booster clubs and athletic teams: $8,175 from the to defray the costs of constructing the concession and restroom facilities near the football/track area and the soccer/softball fields.
  • Fairview PTO: $4,716 for student transportation.
  • Kohl’s Department Store: $4,290 for Fairview student field trips; $4,000 for Parkview student field trips.
  • Ruth DeYoung Kohler: $8,000 for educational programming at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center.
  • Parkview PTK: $4,609 for student transportation.
  • Plymouth Rotary: $3,710 for garden sheds at the elementary schools, which were built by Plymouth High School students.
  • Horizon PATH: $3,664 for student transportation.
  • Sargento: $1,474 for Horizon Elementary School activities; $1,040 for T-shirts the fourth-grade students wore during a production directed by Patty Talen.
  • Area businesses: $2,230 for the STEAM project at Riverview Middle School.
  • PHS Football Booster Club: $2,000 from the for football helmets.
  • Riverview RAPT: $1,677 from for student field trips.
  • Riverview Middle School Activity Group: $1,407 for student transportation.
  • Joe Van Horn Chevrolet: $1,000 for the PHS Peer to Peer student group, which helped baby-sit for employee children during a company party; $405 for T-shirts for students in Patty Talen’s performance at Horizon.
  • Dave and Jo Slott: $1,000 for the PHS Track Team, in honor of Ed Grosshuesch's 87th birthday.
  • Plymouth Cross Country Boosters Club: $1,000 to pay a portion of the pop-up tent used at student meets.
  • Walmart: $900 to the district as part of its giving program.
  • NEW Manufacturing Alliance: $500 for students to attend the Get Real Math video premier at Meyer Theater; $138 for PHS student transportation.
  • The Vollrath Company: $550 for PHS student transportation to culinary competitions outside of the district.
  • PHS German Class: $527 for student transportation.
  • Anthem (Blue Cross/Blue Shield): $500 for the Horizon “Watch Us Sprout Campaign.”
  • Thomas Gross: $250 to help offset costs of the FBLA trip to Nationals this summer.
  • Waldo State Bank: $250 for PHS students to attend physics day at Great America.
  • Thrivent Financial: $250 to fund female student/staff (mentor/mentee) after-school activities at Plymouth High School.
  • Pam Holzhaeuser: $240 for the PHS art department.
  • CESA 7: $224 for PHS Jolly Pranksters transportation.
  • Maggie’s Closet: $150 for PHS students to attend physics day at Great America.
  • Generations Intergenerational Center: $109 for student transportation.
  • Inspire Sheboygan County: $104 for student transportation.
  • Derek Klug: $100 for the Horizon third grade.
  • Sonntag Plumbing: $100 for PHS students to attend physics day at Great America.
  • Labor Management Council of Northeastern Wisconsin: $100 for student transportation to Construction Career Fair.
  • Sheboygan Human Rights Association: $58 for 4K student transportation.
  • Sandy Nicholson: $25 for the automotive department at Plymouth High School.
  • Glenn and Peggy Thiesenhusen: Equipment for the food science and culinary arts classroom.
  • Toro Giving: A Sandpro 2040Z used to prep PHS athletic fields.

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