1981 team photo

The 1981 PHS boys basketball team. Planning to attend: Frank Schade, Butch Cain, Tim Chopp, John Comerford, Mark Comerford, Dan Miller, Tom Rooker. Unable to attend: Bob Plahmer, Chad Chisholm, Greg Hemauer, David Ladwig, Jack Osieczanek, David Schultz, Bob Siech, Mark Zimmerman

PHS boys basketball hosting Alumni Night

Posted November 20, 2017

The Plymouth High School boys basketball program plans an Alumni Night to welcome past players home and to honor the state-bound teams from 1981, 1990 and 2008.

Students, staff, families, youth, alumni, and other community members are invited to the event, which will begin at 6:45 p.m. Friday, Dec. 1 in the PHS gym, between the JV and varsity games against Sheboygan South.

“Plymouth has a proud history and tradition in basketball,” said current PHS head coach Tim Schultz. “We want to keep the tradition strong and connecting our current teams with alumni teams is a great way to do this.”

More than 25 coaches, players, and managers from the three PHS boys’ basketball state-bound teams are planning to attend this first-ever Alumni Night, which organizers hope to make an annual event.

Alumni players will be introduced on center court at 6:45 p.m. prior to the 7:15 p.m. varsity tip-off. Half-time entertainment will include lucky fans and alums in a three-point and free-throw shooting contest. Immediately following the game will be a court-side reception to meet the players – past, present, and future.

As 1981 assistant and 1990 head PHS boys basketball coach Bill Mikolyzk said, “Basketball helps develop friendships, lasting bonds, and community identity. It teaches players to become better people.”

Learn more:
• Visit the PHS boys basketball Facebook page at @PlymouthPantherBoysBasketball.
• Explore the Extracurriculars section of our award-winning District Report Card to learn more about our history of success in athletics.

1990 team photo

The 1990 PHS boys basketball team. Planning to attend: Bill Mikolyzk, Scott Richards, Jim Haucke, Chris Hein, Chris Jacquat, Dale and Judy Miller in memory of Gabe Miller, Nate Miller, Jeremy Picard, Greg Roltgen, Tim Schultz, Corby Trumm. Unable to attend: Janet Veleke in memory of Ron Veleke, Jeremy Brandt, Dave Langemak, Eric Mullen, Pat Richards

2008 team photo

The 2008 PHS boys basketball team. Planning to attend: Scott Richards, Jason Duff, Brendan Semph, Elliot Cain, Jon Criter, Kevin Feick, Nick Horneck, Jimmy Lukasavitz, Justin Rooker, Seth Rooker. Unable to attend: Josh Opponeer, Jim DeVries, Clay Comerford, Logan Dellger, Michael Flood, Ian Murray, Erik West