Cafeteria tables set up in the foyer, next to a food cart

Fairview Elementary School students are served in the hallway and eat in the foyer.

Facilities Planning: Food Service

Posted October 9, 2017

The Plymouth School District’s emphasis on wellness has led the district to consider improvements in the area of Food Service, as it conducts a thoughtful evaluation of its facilities.

“We need to upgrade our Food Service facilities to continue the work we’ve begun with the Food Science & Agriculture Center and the commitment to having garden-based science and nutrition curriculum at every school,” said Dan Mella, assistant superintendent for curriculum & instruction.

Fairview Elementary School does not have a cafeteria or kitchen. Students get their food from mobile carts set up in the hallway and eat at tables set up in the foyer.

Parkview Elementary School has a small cafeteria and a small kitchen, but neither are big enough to serve the current student population without impacting academic schedules.

Plymouth High School’s kitchen also is too small to meet the current nutrition program, which increasingly makes use of ingredients grown in the Food Science & Agriculture Center and in the PHS garden, as well as from local farmers. In addition, the cafeteria looks much as it did when the school opened 51 years ago; making it over as more of a commons could better facilitate student groups collaborating on projects. Enhanced outdoor seating could encourage students to get a bit of fresh air during their lunch period.

The district is drawing up plans to address these needs, which it is sharing with focus groups to get feedback, and will be conducting a community survey in October to get additional feedback.

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