Hallway with several doors open

The rooms across from the Plymouth High School pool balcony could become a hub for pre-medical classes, under an initiative the school is considering to offer more training for health-related careers.

Facilities Planning: Health careers curriculum

Posted September 25, 2017

As the Plymouth School District conducts a thoughtful evaluation of its facilities, one top priority is the creation of more opportunities for Plymouth High School students to begin coursework in health-related careers.

“We want to offer our students an early exposure to coursework related to medical fields, which hold growing career potential in our community,” said Dan Mella, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “Students would benefit greatly from access to therapy labs and pre-nursing equipment and materials.”

For example, PHS currently offers medical terminology – required early on many pre-medical paths – as an online course, but would prefer to make it available for students to take in person. Other health-care subjects could include occupational and physical therapy, and training needed by certified nursing assistants.

The district would partner with local colleges to develop the curriculum and equip the labs. PHS students could use the facilities during the day, and college students and adult learners could use them in the evenings, as is currently done in the LTC-Plymouth Science & Technology Center.

The district is looking at locating the PHS health careers center in the rooms across from the pool balcony, which currently are occupied by Student Services and special education. Student Services would move to a centralized location at the front of the school with other district offices.

In addition to the health careers center, a new training room under consideration would double as a pre-med classroom, where those looking to enter health fields could learn while helping student athletes.

The district has conducted focus groups with residents and will be surveying the community in October to get feedback on these and other potential projects.

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