A PHS student watches a classmate weld two pieces of metal together

Plymouth High School welding students will be able to advance their skills, thanks to the addition of an Advanced Metal Welding & Fabrication class.

New PHS classes help prepare students for careers

Posted September 11, 2017

Plymouth High School is offering nine new classes for the 2017-18 school year, many of which offer hands-on exposure to promising careers.

“We’ve been adding technical courses for years now,” said Dan Mella, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “We make a lot of opportunities available to kids.”

New for 2017-18 are:

  • Landscaping: In this semester course, those in grades 10-12 will gain practical experiences in design and maintenance of various landscape situations. Areas of study may include landscape drawing and design, safety, career exploration, plant identification, tools, pests and diseases, job estimating and bidding, environmental planning, and interpersonal skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn about nurseries in our area and experience many hands-on opportunities to landscape.
  • Agricultural Careers & Leadership: This semester course will introduce students in grades 10-12 to the thousands of jobs related to animals, plants, food science, natural resources and technology. Students in this fun, active class will practice leadership and speaking skills and experience guest speakers, field trips, and job-shadow opportunities.
  • Farm to Fork: Students will learn about a variety of healthy, locally grown crops in this semester course open to grades 10-12. Topics may include creating healthy soil, growing healthy food, sustainability, delivering food to the Culinary Arts and food service programs, and agriculture-related career exploration. Community speakers and field trips will add to the curriculum.
  • Management and Leadership: This semester business course for grades 10-12 will prepare students to meet the challenges of leadership in today’s complex global business environment. Students will learn to apply the business management principles of planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling, and then apply their knowledge through simulations and case studies.
  • Applied Geometry: This yearlong course for grades 10-12 replaces Extended Geometry. Applied Geometry is designed for the student interested in exploring topics in geometry with an emphasis on projects, hands-on learning, and application. Course topics will include points-lines-planes, angles, triangles, trigonometry, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, area and perimeter/circumference, and three-dimensional shapes.
  • College Technical Mathematics: This pair of semester classes for grades 11-12 are designed for technical college-bound students and those interested in applied technical extensions of algebra and geometry.  Topics will include solving linear equations, graphing, percent, proportions, measurement systems, computational geometry, and right triangle trigonometry. This course follows the course outcomes required by Lakeshore Technical College, and students may be eligible to receive LTC credits.
  • People and Places: This semester social studies course for grades 11-12 is designed for students to take a virtual “semester abroad.” The course sequence and content will give students a look into the culture, languages, environment, and history of selected locations. The class will allow students to dig into global regions and determine what unites and divides individuals around the world.
  • Advanced Metal Welding & Fabrication: This semester course for grades 10-12 will give students hands-on welding experience through extended practice. This course will allow students to enhance their welding skill set with a continued focus on safety and a more in-depth look at welding skills, including practice certification tests, print reading, layout work, and fixturing.
  • Co-Op: This work-based opportunity for grades 11-12 offers students 90-hour experiences over a nine-week quarter to provide a deep understanding of the processes and departments within a manufacturing facility. Students will see a variety of career possibilities while gaining awareness of what skills and knowledge are needed for which jobs within the manufacturing world.

In addition, Advanced Music Theory will be offered as a pilot independent study class for the first time.

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