New calendar with instructions

Schools launch new online calendar

Posted August 14, 2017

The Plymouth School District is introducing a new events calendar for the 2017-18 school year.

The new calendar is powered by rSchools, which has provided PHS athletic schedules for many years. It replaces a set of Google calendars and is designed to be easier for families to isolate the events of interest to them.

The new calendar allows people to view events in numerous ways:
By school: Click "View by Type" on the right and select the desired school(s).
By sport or activity: Click "View Schedules" on the right and select the desired sports or activities.
By week or month: Click "Week" or "Month" as desired near the top.

The new calendar is connected to a new facility management system, which allows those wishing to use district facilities to see what is available and make their own reservation requests.

The calendar is being managed by Community Education & Recreation, which coordinates public use of district facilities. Please contact Community Ed & Rec at or 892-5068 with questions or comments.

Learn more:
• View the new online Plymouth School District Calendar.
• Visit the new Calendar webpage, with links to individual calendars, instructions and a list of upcoming events.
• View or download instructions for creating an account and making a request to use district facilities.   
• Visit the Facilities Use page for more information on using district facilities.