AFS host families needed

Posted July 31, 2017

The Plymouth High School AFS chapter is looking for additional host families for the 2017-18 school year.

More than providing a bed and meals, AFS host families welcome a new member into their home, share their everyday lives, and grow as they get to know one another.

Students looking to come to Plymouth include:

  • JiaLi from China: JiaLi, 16, who goes by Taylor, is an optimistic, warmhearted young woman who is fascinated by different languages. Her parents say she is friendly and courageous and is very interested in world cultures. She is an athlete who plays on her school basketball team and who swims. Taylor believes it is important to spend your time with others and frequently volunteers at the nursing home where her great-grandmother lives. She is proud of her sense of humor and says she can always make her friends laugh. She hopes she can bring laughter and happiness to your home during her study abroad year.
  • Finn from Germany: Finn, 16, is responsible, humorous, and athletic. He shares a close relationship with both his family and his friends. He usually spends his time playing sports, hanging out with friends, and taking care of his younger cousins. He also enjoys listening to music, playing the drums, and watching movies. He likes being outdoors and has a passion for water sports, especially surfing and sailing. At school, he is a part of the rowing team and his favorite class is math. Finn is looking forward to meeting his new family and engaging with his host community in the USA!
  • Kit Wing from Hong Kong: Kit, 15, is studious, hard-working, and self-disciplined. She wants to be a doctor so she can help people in the future. Her favorite subjects are chemistry and biology. She likes biology because she enjoys learning about how organisms work and likes doing experiments in biology class. She likes spending time doing group activities with her friends, playing badminton, reading, and baking. Kit is taking a dessert-making class and enjoys practicing her skills with her family, which consists of her parents and younger brother. Kit's friends think she is adventurous in wanting to spend a year abroad.
  • Luis from Norway: Luis, 17, is diplomatic, open minded, social, and goal-oriented. He is captain of his soccer team and he'd like to try new sports in the USA. Since Luis' father works for SAS, he's traveled the world and loves traveling. At home his family discusses politics and world problems, learning to discuss and disagree but still be polite and not get personal. His teachers say he models this in his relationships and is very extroverted, being elected to be in the student government. He's excited to explore a new culture and engage in the global community, and, of course, improve his English.

The PHS chapter is one of the most active in the state, hosting 85 students from 30 different countries since 2008-09. AFS, a partnership of volunteer-based nonprofit organizations fostering intercultural engagement, named PHS one of its 100 Top Schools in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Learn more:
• Visit the Plymouth High School AFS webpage.