Group photo of cook-off winners

Winners of the Riverview Middle School fifth-grade cook-off included, front row from left, Isaiah Fennessey, Jackson Weinhold, Lily Krueger, Cora Kohlmann, Nat Green, Carter Clemens, Nolan Schultz, Kerissa Schleicher, Ethan Althen, Taylor Trakel and Austin Rentmeester; and back row from left, JJ Lee, Cordel Bruggink, Kaitlyn Rabe, Megan Bosselman, Ana Schwarten, Brooklen Burrage, Kira Hilbelink, Serenity Lensmire, Jade Henkel, Jenesa Soberg, Claire Nelson and Kathryn Schwartz.

Riverview STEAM cook-off winners announced

Posted June 26, 2017

Fifth-graders at Riverview Middle School recently participated in a three-week cook-off STEAM project.

The unit – designed to tap into Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math – started with a presentation by Plymouth High School senior Derek Schweiger, who shared his experiences at cook-off competitions. He emphasized teamwork and clear communication. Additional guest speakers discussed kitchen procedures and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. 

Students then worked in groups to choose a recipe for the competition. Teams found the cost of the individual ingredients and the total cost of the recipe, and calculated how the ingredients would change if the recipe were halved or doubled. 

Students also toured Piggly Wiggly to identify the prices of different brands and identify where the items are located, and visited the Food Science & Agriculture Center at PHS to plant their own plant.

For the competition, teams had about 20 minutes to prepare their recipe and present it. PHS culinary classes provided the judges, who considered flavor, consistency, and appearance. After the scores were tallied, each homeroom crowned a winner.

Winners were Ethan Althen, Megan Bosselman, Cordel Bruggink, Brooklen Burrage, Carter Clemens, Isaiah Fennessey, Nat Green, Jade Henkel, Kira Hilbelink, Cora Kohlmann, Lily Krueger, JJ Lee, Serenity Lensmire, Savannah Mendenhall, Claire Nelson, Kaitlyn Rabe, Austin Rentmeester, Kerissa Schleicher, Nolan Schultz, Ana Schwarten, Kathryn Schwartz, Jenesa Soberg, Taylor Trakel and Jackson Weinhold.