PHS Poster Sessions

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PHS science students hold poster sessions

Posted June 12, 2017

Students in two Plymouth High School science classes recently shared their original scientific research with classmates and others.

Students in the CAPP Biology class conducted their own experiments following the scientific method. Instructor Tina Henriksen provided feedback as the students progressed, allowing them to make improvements throughout the project.

The culminating experience was a poster session held May 30 when students shared their work with each other, their families and the public. This is the fourth year the class has hosted a poster session.

Also holding a poster session, on May 31 this year, was the Natural Science & Composition class taught by Sarah Maki, Jenny Loehr and Kay Hannes.

Poster sessions are a common way for student researchers to share their work in the university setting, said Mrs. Henriksen, who serves as a Lakeland College adjunct professor for the CAPP Bio course, which carries college credit.

The boards display a “shorthand” version of the extended work and give observers the gist of the findings. Students stand by their posters and explain their scientific process and data analysis. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions, about the variables, data, hypotheses, experiments and conclusions.