Fairview Wax Museum 2017

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Fairview presents wax museum

Posted June 5, 2017

Third-graders at Fairview Elementary School recently presented a living wax museum for their families and other students.

The sixth annual event was held May 25-26 in the school lobby and gym, featuring 48 students from Mary Vanderkin’s and Kayla Murphy’s classes.

Each of the students researched and wrote a paper about a famous person – past or present – and told the story of that person’s life as if they were him or her whenever someone stepped on the museum “button” in front of them. Students dressed the part, and many brought or even made their own props.

Students participating in the event, along with their subjects:
Magnus Blad as Anthony Davis
Skylar Burgard as Paula Abdul
Navayah Burns-Jones as Katy Perry
Tamera Cohn as Helen Keller
Elijah Davis as LeBron James
Aaron Depies as Neil Armstrong
Joanne Garza as Pocahontas
Evayda Graves as Amelia Earhart
Maxwell Hill as Stephan Curry
Mya Hogue as Hope Solo
Iris Johnson as Serena Williams
Zandr Klahn as Bruno Mars
Kailee Kornetzke as Justin Timberlake
William Krebsbach as Russell Wilson
Marcel Kuehnel as Paul Revere
Shelby Miller as Ronda Rousey
Markus Oonk as George Washington
Carter Pratt as Aaron Rodgers
Bryanna Saltos as Gabby Douglas
Zada Sinclair as Susan B. Anthony
Rachel VanDerVen as Georgia O’ Keefe
Salena Vue as Selena Gomez
Geovanni Jimenez  as Tim Duncan
Maxwell Backhaus as Thomas Edison
Cavin Baltus as Harry Houdini
Jada Demers as Dominique Moceanu
Luke Fellows as Ben Roethlisberger
Camden Frees as Tony Hawk
Bennett Gossens as Elvis Presley
Natalie Heinz as Laura Ingalls Wilder
Clara Hollister as Simone Biles
Jack Hovey as Donald Trump
Ehren Jahnke as Dale Earnhart Jr.
Destiny Klahn as Ariana Grande
Kalli Knowles as Alex Morgan
Paiton Kries as Victoria Justice
Zoey Licht as Jane Goodall
Carmindi Mueller as Taylor Swift
Oliver Picard as Jackie Robinson
Alyx Provost as Jeff Gordon
Hunter Roehrborn as Benjamin Franklin
Ethan Schuette as Muhammad Ali
Kacey Schwochert as Kate Middleton
Sydney Steiner as Carrie Underwood
Brianna Stephanie as Gwen Stefani
Stella Sweetack as J.K. Rowling
Kyle VonDerVellen as Pablo Picasso
Madeline Zirtzlaff as Alicia Keys