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PHS students benefit from Reality Check

Posted May 29, 2017

Plymouth High School students recently got a Reality Check, thanks to a new personal finance initiative supported by community volunteers.

Reality Check, held May 18 in the school library, is an interactive financial literacy simulation for high school juniors and seniors to learn about the "realities" of life after high school or college.

“Reality Check gives students the opportunity to make lifestyle and budget decisions similar to those they will make as adults,” said business teacher Todd Williams, who organized the event.

To prepare for Reality Check, students selected an occupation and were assigned a "life status" – single, married or divorced -- and were given a student debt load based on their chosen career.

At the event they then received a check register to fill in as they moved among various booths representing real-life businesses in industries such as housing, transportation, utilities, food, and child care. Students had to pay for one month of life's necessities while making choices about what additional products and services to purchase.

Just like in real life, some factors were outside of their control, based on the draw of a card or the spin of a wheel. Students also had to deal with tickets handed out by police liaison officer Lindsay Baumhardt for a variety of infractions.

Helping students navigate through their many decisions were John Nelson and Bridgett Neu of Pleasant View Reality,
Shannon Laehn and Teresa Van Horn  of Van Horn Automotive Group, Frank Barth of WPPI, Jason Duff of Lakeland University, Jerry Matzdorf of The Benefits Company, Krisi Kaiser of SCHBA, Jeane Sager and Marge Ausloos of St. Vincent de Paul, Megan Kerscher-Walsh of American Orthodontics, Terri Williams of Acuity Insurance, Anna Montgomery and Vince Stepney-Willis of the Boys & Girls Club of Sheboygan County, Jodi Shoerner of Masters Gallery Foods, Paul Seymour of Consumer Counseling Credit, James  Olson of Olson Funeral Home, Debbie Reichert and Rebecah Wickert-Carini of Wisconsin Bank & Trust, Mary Richter of National Exchange Bank & Trust, Madonna Schneider of Waldo State Bank, Kathy Murray of the Plymouth School District, Lindsay Baumhardt of the Plymouth Police Department, and PHS teachers June Winkel, Dan Lamb and Todd Williams.

“Community volunteers are what made this event successful,” Mr. Williams said.

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