From Hi-Lights: Chess goes to State

Posted May 29, 2017

NOTE: This article appeared in the April/May 2017 edition of the Plymouth High School newspaper, Hi-Lights. Look for a copy in the high school office.

By Caitlin Kruschke
of the Hi-Lights staff

On March 18 and 19, varsity board members, sophomore Christian Pieper, freshmen Jacob Ashworth, Anna Brink, Avey, Charlton-Diesch, Chase Disinke, and JV members, seniors Emily Mersberger, Sage Wackett, and sophomores Adam Carbaw, and Dalten Wackett  went to state for chess.

“We competed in the D2 division because Avey’s chess rating was so high,” said Carrie Pieper, chess adviser, and science teacher.

Even though the team was placed in the D2 division, they were the last rated team, meaning they were expected to come in 12th (last place), but they came in ninth place instead, so the students were “very excited about it,” said Mrs. Pieper. 

Avey earned third place for board number one in the D2 division. He got three wins, one loss, and a draw, giving him three and a half points and putting him in third place.

Anyone on the chess team could go to state as long as they were interested in going, but the top five players made up the varsity team.

Wackett said, “I learned a lot from this experience at state and got better overall.”

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