Plymouth High School drama students interview senior citizens about relationships

Plymouth High School drama students interview senior citizens about relationships March 3 in the PHS Amphitheatre. The students used the advice gleaned from the conversations to write a play, which will be presented May 12-13.

PHS Amph-Rats to present original play

Posted May 1, 2017

Plymouth High School drama students will present "Relationships:  The WRITE Way!," an original play about a young writer’s struggle to define the perfect relationship.

Each semester, the Independent Study Advanced Acting Class, also known as the Amph-Rats Acting Company, presents a previously published play and an original work. The class performed an adaptation of “The Government Inspector” by Nikolai Gogol in April.

The costumes, set, props, lighting, and sound design are being created by students in Theatre Design and Technology, a new PHS class that gives students hands-on opportunities related to producing theatrical performances.

As background research for “Relationships,” the students interviewed senior citizens from Generations on the general topic of relationships. A similar dialog between students and seniors several years ago led to a very well-received play called "Yesterday's Friday Nights," with students portraying teenagers during the WWII era.

"Relationships:  The WRITE Way!” features a young writer trying to compose a love story, but she is frustrated with trying to write about a successful relationship when she cannot maintain one herself. In her frustration, she calls for a "muse" to help her, and – of course – two muses appear. 

She and the muses talk about the earliest relationships up to present day, so audiences may see visits from Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Interspersed among these historical and literary-based relationships are multiple storylines created by the writer (and the PHS students!). 

“At one point, ALL of the characters will interact with the writer to try and help her create fictional, yet realistic, representations of relationships, using the advice the kids heard during their interviews with our friends from Generations,” said PHS drama teacher Janet DeJean Newton. “Ultimately, the young writer will realize that the perfect relationship cannot exist without cooperation, respect, and a willingness to ‘give and take’.” 

Performances will begin at 7 p.m. Friday, May 12 and Saturday, May 13 in the Amphitheatre at PHS, 125 Highland Ave. Admission is free.

Learn more:
View or download a flier about the Amph-Rats production of "Relationships:  The WRITE Way!”
• To learn more, contact PHS English and drama teacher Janet DeJean Newton at (920) 893-6911.
Local Food Fair, PHS Culture Fair, Panther Greenhouse Plant Sale also going on at PHS on May 13.
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Cast and Technical Crew

Elisabeth Balistreri
Michael Berres
Erica Birenbaum
Molly Brooks
Arizona Fondrliak
Helena Gaisrucker
Isabell Gangano
Tannor Gonzalez
Eric Grauman
Lenea Guse
Joshua Hafemann
Jordan Hefter
Destiny Henschel
Olivia Honeck
Emily LaVine
Jordan Lomibao
Connor McManus
Jillian Myers
Abigail Phelps
Nicholas Pohl
Alan Schaefer
Cedrik Schamberger
Jaxsen Schermacher
Veronica Schroeder
Justin Schmitz
Delaney Scudella
Deklan Solonika
Hayley Stephanie
Alexander Turicik
Jacob Willeford
Quinn Zwick