Group photo of PHS Academic Scholars

These Plymouth High School students were honored at the annual Academic Honors Banquet on April 12 for maintaining a 3.85 grade-point average during the first seven semesters of high school

PHS recognizes its top scholars

Posted April 24, 2017

Plymouth High School recently honored 28 seniors for maintaining a 3.85 grade-point average during the first seven semesters of high school.

The annual PHS Academic Honors Banquet, held April 12 this year, is sponsored by the Plymouth Lions Club.

Students were able to invite their parents and an honored guest to the dinner. The 2017 Academic Scholars, their parents and honored guests are:

  • Sophie Albert, daughter of Roger and Faith Albert; special guest June Winkel, PHS business teacher
  • Savannah Arneson, daughter of Ty and Natascha Arneson; special guest Joan Daane, her grandmother
  • Elisabeth Balistreri, daughter of John and Lisa Balistreri; special guest Jimmy Balistreri, her brother                         
  • Jack Benedict, son of Anthony and Shelley Benedict; special guest Shelley Benedict, his mother
  • Lauren Bermke, daughter of Don and Amy Bermke; special guest Kathy Majerus, her third-grade teacher
  • Joseph Chandler, son of Mike and Gina Chandler; special guest Ray Ronchetti, his grandfather
  • Kersten Dewey, daughter of Scott and Becki Dewey; special guest Greg Gritt, PHS technology education teacher
  • Nadine Dragan, daughter of Robert and Nicole Dragan; special guest Kay Tharp, PHS math teacher
  • Tatum Eigenberger, daughter of Neil and Tanya Eigenberger; special guest Sue Darrow, her ballet teacher
  • Kalei Hering, daughter of Tom and Ann Hering; special guest Dorothy Diedrich, her grandmother
  • Kaitlyn Heyrman, daughter of Brian and Shelia Kaufman; special guest Shelia Kaufman, her mother
  • Olivia Honeck, daughter of Kevin and Heidi Honeck; special guest Amanda Kanzelberger, her dance teacher
  • Grace Huibregtse, daughter of Dan and Colleen Huibregtse; special guest Meredith Herrera, PHS math teacher
  • Kaylee Koenig, daughter of Brian and Wendy Koenig; special guest Scott Koenig, her brother    
  • Jacob Levsen, son of Mark and Amy Levsen; special guest Jessica Ramel, his sister
  • Emily Majerus, daughter of Mark and Kathy Majerus; special guest Amy Bermke, family friend
  • Hannah McFarlin, daughter of Greg and Kelly McFarlin; special guest Kelly McFarlin, her mother
  • Cassandra Nicholson, daughter of Brad and Cheryl Nicholson; special guest Lisa Miller, educational specialist at Riverview Middle School        
  • Gwendolyn Nytes, daughter of Samuel and Kristin Nytes; special guest Samuel Nytes, her father
  • Erik Ohman, son of David and Barbara Ohman; special guest Jared Schaaf, wrestling coach
  • Carlee Olsen, daughter of Jeff and Denise Olsen; special guest Dr. Sherry Joseph, dentist
  • Abigail Phelps, daughter of Tom and Susan Phelps; special guest Kim Mittelstadt, her aunt
  • Tegan Schneider, daughter of Stan and Tammy Schneider; special guest Sandy Nicholson, PHS German teacher
  • Derek Schweiger, son of Dennis and Diane Schweiger; special guest Sam Scharinger, former PHS counselor and football coach
  • Abigal Smrz, daughter of Scott Smrz and Darcie Mueller; special guest Patricia Mages, her grandmother
  • Margeaux Suttner, daughter of Joe and Teresa Suttner; special guest Kathy Burch, reading specialist
  • Samantha Weinkoetz, daughter of Craig and Michelle Weinkoetz; special guest Ryan Weinkoetz, her brother
  • Jacob Welsch, son of Jeff and Kim Welsch; special guest Marlys Welsch, his grandmother

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