Third-grade recycling program

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Recycling unit brings Green Team, Advanced Disposal visits

Posted April 17, 2017

Recycling truck crews from Advanced Disposal recently visited Plymouth elementary schools to explain how trash and recyclables are separated by their equipment.

Before the visit, students learned about landfills and the waste system from their teachers and from members of the Plymouth High School Green Team. The program, supported by the Plymouth Education Foundation, focused on instilling attitudes about waste reduction.

“This, hopefully, will lead to habits that will reduce wastes generated in our schools and at home,” said Green Team advisor Tina Henriksen, a science teacher at PHS. “The goal is to catch them young so that students feel that waste reduction and recycling should be an integral part of their lives.”

Green Team members developed a 45-minute presentation for the third graders, which they shared with classes in teams of two. The presentation included activities that corresponded to a children’s book about waste and landfills, and an experiment designed to show how contaminants can leach out of a landfill.

“The demonstration with the leachate had the most impact, because it showed the students that landfills can contaminate our water supply," said Green Team member Brooklin Willoughby.