PHS students whisk batter in PHS culinary arts lab

Senior Tasia Arnold and junior Cheyenne Culver whisk batter during the local Whipping Up Wellness competition.

From Hi-Lights: Food Science submits recipes to state

Posted April 10, 2017

NOTE: This article appeared in the March 2017 edition of the Plymouth High School newspaper, Hi-Lights. Look for a copy in the high school office.

By Caitlin Kruschke
of the Hi-Lights staff

Last year, PHS graduate Eric Schoneman, senior Logan Rusch, and junior Alex Kelly took first in the Whipping Up Wellness program, a contest put together by the Department of Public Instruction to encourage schools to help create items for school food service that students would find acceptable. The program is through the Food Science class, and this year students are hoping to win again.

Students can only use so much fat and sodium in each recipe, and they have to create a team. This year, students have to use a legume (a dried pea or bean) in their product. Students start with a product concept and then they are given two opportunities to improve their concept and make it even better.

The students’ products are judged by head chef Caren Johnson, food service director Toni DeStefano, and community education director Kathy Murray. At the time of judging, students give a brief presentation about their product, a description of how it’s made, and prepare a nutrition analysis.

“PHS is submitting seven recipes this year to be evaluated at the local level, meaning they might have a chance to participate at state level,” said food science instructor Gale Litt. “Then, at the state level, they will decide who gets to go to state,” said Litt.

Seven teams will be sending their recipes for consideration as finalists at the state level:

  • Senior Kyle Johnson and junior Rhiannon Lade will be submitting Kung Pao.
  • Sophomores Donovan Suckow and Noah Haese will send a Hummus Flatbread with Poblano Aioli.
  • Senior Matt Richards, junior Jess Fenske, and sophomore Halie Wagner will be submitting a Cabbage Wrap with Chicken.
  • Juniors Pablo Lopez and Matt Steckl will be sending a Chicken Breast with Bean Gravy. 
  • Senior Jordan Lomibao, juniors Jenna Myers and Morgan LaPorte, and sophomore Paige Ashworth will enter a Chicken Fajita Wrap.
  • Seniors Emily Mersberger, Jackie Wachowiak, Marissa Ringwell, and Shaina Woyak will submit a Scrambled Egg Hash.
  • Senior Ryan Petrie and juniors Jake Schirripa, Taylor Cohn, and Ben Lenz will be entering a Chicken Burrito Verde.

“I want [PHS] to use our product for school lunches because it's easy to make, and I think students will like it,” Halie said.