Cardboard Boat Races

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PHS students race cardboard boats in pool

Posted April 10, 2017

Working in teams, students in Paul Krzyzaniak’s accelerated physics classes recently created boats using only a cardboard box and a roll of duct tape.

They then raced their boats March 21 in the Plymouth High School pool, in front of a balcony full of observers.

The winner – who receives extra credit and bragging rights – is determined based on the weight of the boat and the time it takes to go 100 yards (down and back twice), so students try to apply what they learned in a recent unit on buoyancy to design the lightest and fastest boats possible.

The activity requires students to take a project from design through construction to performance, said Mr. Krzyzaniak, who has been running the event for more than 15 years.

Ten boats out of 14 successfully traveled the 100 yards. This year’s overall winner was Andrea Roncatti, Aurora Bosia and Kaitlyn Heyrman.

Top three by class

Period 3
1st: Riley Josephs and Dylan Koehn
2nd: Abi Smrz and Emma Grapentine
3rd: Lauren Bermke and Megan Birenbaum
Period 11
1st: Andrea Roncatti, Aurora Bosia and Kaitlyn Heyrman
2nd: Sophie Albert and Brooke Frederickson
3rd: Shane Holcomb and Davis Dejus