PHS Pi Day 2017

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PHS Pi Day celebration helps others

Posted March 20, 2017

Plymouth High School recently celebrated Pi Day, having fun and helping others while honoring a key mathematical concept.

The event raised about $4,000, which will be donated to the Jeff Petrie Scholarship Fund, the Plymouth Food Pantry and Project Angel Hugs.

Pi Day is celebrated each year on March 14 since the decimal approximation of pi begins 3.14. PHS marked the occasion by allowing students to pay for the privilege of pie-ing teachers in the face during an assembly and each other throughout the day.

Students also raised money by collecting pledges for memorizing digits of pi, in which they wrote down as many digits of pi as they could remember. Most students memorize 10 to 40 digits of pi, which goes on infinitely without repeating.

This year's winners were Keeley Kuru with 477 digits and Matt Sheridan with 153 digits. They will have their names added to a plaque honoring annual pi champions. Ben Pierce holds the record at 1,001 digits, set in 2016, and also won in 2015 with 672 digits; Branden Steiner set the previous school record with 1,000 digits in 2013 and also won with 800 digits in 2012 and 680 in 2014; Jack Heginbottom had 608 in 2011; and Jeff Roth had 420 in 2010.

The top five in 2017:
1. Keeley Kuru - 477 digits
2. Matt Sheridan - 153 digits
3. Reed Gahagan - 140 digits
3. Josh Koll - 140 digits
5. Mitch Arnold - 139 digits

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