Leander Leinen, Nazla  Siregar, Norika Higuchi, Valisa Osmani

Leander Leinen of Germany, Nazla Siregar of Indonesia, Norika Higuchi of Japan, and Valisa Osmani of Kosovo

AFS students to talk about their countries

Posted March 20, 2017

AFS foreign-exchange students at Plymouth High School again will share information about their home countries with the public.

The final 2016-17 presentation will begin at 3:30 p.m. Sunday, April 9, at Generations, 1500 Douglas Drive, Plymouth. Presenting will be Leander Leinen of Germany, Nazla Siregar of Indonesia, Norika Higuchi of Japan, and Valisa Osmani of Kosovo. Time for questions and mingling will follow the presentations.

PHS is hosting 12 students this year, from Austria, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia. The Plymouth High School AFS chapter is one of the most active in the state, hosting 85 students from 30 different countries since 2008-09. AFS, a partnership of volunteer-based nonprofit organizations fostering intercultural engagement, named PHS one of its 100 Top Schools in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Learn more:
Visit the PHS AFS webpage.
View or download a flier about the AFS presentations.
• Check out the Innovative Opportunities section of our District Report Card to learn more about the unparalleled opportunities for international experiences available to our students.

2017-18 host families sought

Looking ahead, PHS is looking for host families for the 2017-18 school year. Students looking to come to Plymouth include:

  • JiaLi from China: JiaLi, 16, who goes by Taylor, is an optimistic, warmhearted young woman who is fascinated by different languages. Her parents say she is friendly and courageous and is very interested in world cultures. She is an athlete who plays on her school basketball team and who swims. Taylor believes it is important to spend your time with others and frequently volunteers at the nursing home where her great-grandmother lives. She is proud of her sense of humor and says she can always make her friends laugh. She hopes she can bring laughter and happiness to your home during her study abroad year.
  • Supisara from Thailand: It has long been 17-year-old Supisara’s dream to be an exchange student. One of her goals is to speak English fluently, and she already is an excellent student. She says she will be very excited to find herself surrounded by English speakers in the U.S. She looks forward to a life-long relationship with her host family. Her family likes to relax together around the dinner table at the end of a long day. She studies at one of the top schools in Thailand, a large one specializing in science and math. Eventually she plans to become a psychiatrist because she admires all the good they do.
  • Pablo from Spain: Pablo, 15, is inventive, curious, responsible, and empathetic. He likes to surf and ski, but soccer is his passion. Pablo is also someone who thinks things through before acting. He has can speak English and French well. Academics are very important to Pablo and geography is his favorite subject. Pablo enjoys meeting new people and understanding different points of view. He is interested in architecture, art, and likes to travel with his parents. He is very close to his cousins. Pablo has gone away to camp since he was young and has learned to love group activities and is a good team player.
  • Lucas from Spain: Lucas, 15, is a responsible, social, and joyful young man. Lucas’ hobbies include spending time with his younger siblings, playing sports, playing the piano, reading, and studying languages. He especially likes to read science and history magazines. His favorite sport is soccer, but he also likes swimming and playing tennis. Lucas’ favorite subjects in school are Physics and Chemistry. Lucas also enjoys snowboarding and hiking with his family, he cherishes this time with them. He is looking forward to going to the U.S. in order to improve his English and learn and adapt to the American lifestyle.
  • Sven from Germany: Sven, 15, enjoys playing soccer, swimming, skiing, going to the beach, listening to music, spending time in nature, hiking and spending time with friends and family. His favorite foods are spaghetti Bolognese and pizza. He would like to continue playing soccer during his year abroad. He would also like new sports, possibly basketball, surfing, water skiing and kite boarding. Sven lives with his parents, his older sister, his twin brothers and his dog. He hopes his host family likes sports, is open minded, friendly and has children. He is excited for the year ahead and to meet you!
  • Anna from Hungary: Anna, 15, is a charismatic, cheerful, and hard-working young lady who loves music and horses. She went to a music school growing up and is a member of a world-famous children’s choir! She also plays the flute and competes in music competitions in Hungary. Anna’s other passion is horses; she loves riding and grooming them. At school, Anna is a good student. Her favorite subject is biology and she hopes to study biology in college. Anna lives with her parents and her two younger sisters. She is very close with her family. Anna looks forward to improving her English and meeting new people in the USA!
  • Federica from Italy: Federica is a funny, friendly and helpful young lady. She is affectionate and has a great relationship with her brothers, parents, and her friends. Her parents describe her as trustworthy and independent, and they say that she faces problems and difficult situations calmly. Federica is a sporty girl and is very active on a water polo team. She students hard, always does her best in school, and she would like to be a doctor in the future. She has been to Massachusetts and Florida. Federica really loves having brothers and is hoping to have a host family that includes host siblings.
  • Sarah from Norway: Independent, sociable and open minded are just a few words to describe Sarah, 17. She shares a close relationship with both her family and her friends. In her free time, she enjoys going out with her friends and likes being active, playing games and watching movies. She also likes to bike, ice skate, and ski. In school, Sarah works hard and receives good grades. She is excited to experience life in America and broaden her perspective. She is reliable and well-respected by both peers and teachers. Sara is eager to arrive in the US for her exchange year!
  • Marcio from Brazil: Marcio, 16, likes to go fishing with his dad and friends. He likes sports, especially soccer, but he also likes to read. In addition to soccer, he plays volleyball, basketball and has been a swimming champion for three years at the State Championship. Marcio is close with his parents, his sister and his two brothers. He is extremely happy. He likes to study and he is very curious. His mother says that he is very helpful and helps to keep the house clean. His favorite foods include milk, meat and eggs. Marcio is eager to meet his American family, expand his horizons and experience a new culture.
  • Sofia-Carolina from Chile: Meet Sofia-Carolina, 17! Her hobbies include a Cinema Club at school, playing piano, practicing with the debate team, and seeing various theater performances. She loves to read in her spare time, as well as going for walks, bike rides and baking. Every summer she travels with her mother and enjoys the time with her. Sofia-Carolina describes herself as a sensible, funny, and happy person who is thrilled for the opportunity to live in another country. As her mother was previously an exchange student, she hopes to follow in her footsteps. Sofia-Carolina is excited to meet her new host family!