Jennifer Rauscher

Plymouth High School Principal Jennifer Rauscher

WTEA honors Dr. Rauscher

Posted March 13, 2017

The Wisconsin Technology Education Association recently honored Plymouth High School Principal Jennifer Rauscher with its Technology Special Recognition Award.

The award recognizes those who have demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to technology education. It was announced March 2 at the annual WTEA Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the WTEA annual Technology and Engineering Education conference.

Dr. Rauscher said the award also is a reflection on the PHS teachers. “They’ve given me rides in our school’s restored Camaro, fried brats for me on our Project Grill students’ custom grill, and even let me weld once in a while,” she said. “They continually involve me in projects, take me on field trips, connect me with community businesses, and suggest new ideas to help students learn.  In short, they make it very easy for me to support them and the work they do each day.”

She also credited the PHS students – “who are pretty amazing themselves” – and community partners such as partners like Lakeshore Technical College, business leaders, local manufacturers, and community organizations. “They contribute to our facilities, provide teacher training opportunities, mentor our students, and open their doors to us in many ways,” she said. “Their ongoing support makes much of our work possible.”

“Thank you very much for honoring not just me but Plymouth High School, our teachers, our students, and our community with this award,” she said. “We truly are lucky at Plymouth, and it is my hope that we show our gratitude by continually striving to become our best and making the WTEA proud.”

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