A look at 1st-semester projects

Posted January 30, 2017

Students in several Plymouth High School classes recently gave hands-on demonstrations of what they have learned during the first semester.

Our Academic Excellence Pillar strategic plan encourages student publication and other such real-life projects.



PHS cake-decorating contest

Photos by Gale Litt and Jamie Piontkowski

Culinary Arts 2 cake-decorating contest

This competition is a culminating project for the semester-long Culinary Arts 2 classes, where students exhibit the professional culinary arts team skills they have been working on as well as create and design a cake of their choice.

Staff volunteers judged the cakes on how well the designs appealed to potential customers. Winners were:

  • Period 4: Land Ahoy Cake by Luke Levsen, Lukas Johnson, Alex Phelan and Jackson Krueger
  • Period 5-6: Campfire with mini roasted marshmallows by Dustin Krupp, Braydon Zimmermann, Aiden Reilly and Cody Kuhn



PHS puppet show

Drama I puppet show

Students in Drama I have about four weeks to create their own elaborate sock puppets, write a script and then present a puppet show as their final exam.

This year’s puppet show, shared Jan. 24 with Horizon second- and fourth-graders, revolved around preparations for a school talent show. Acts included dances, basketball tricks, jokes, and math problems that encouraged audience participation. The winning act was a rendition of the “Frozen” theme song, which all the puppets and many in the audience joined.