LTC offering life & leisure classes at PHS

Posted January 23, 2017

Lakeshore Technical College is offering several life and leisure classes at Plymouth High School this winter.

The following classes will meet from 6 to 9 p.m. in the LTC-Plymouth Science and Technology Center at the school, located at 125 Highland Ave.:

  • Artisan Breads: Review and apply the basic bread-baking process with an emphasis on hand-crafted breads and artisan-style production. This course will focus on gluten development, aging doughs and fermentation. Class 26029 will meet Monday, Feb. 6 and Tuesday, Feb. 7. Class 26030 will meet Monday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 21. Fee for either is $31.90.
  • App Attack Apps for Everyday Life: Learn about the various apps available for free or at a nominal cost on your smart phone or tablet. While this is a companion class to “How to Use an iPad,” the apps and information covered can be useful for other Apple touch screen products such as the iPhone and iPod Touch or an Android phone and tablet. Class 25962 will meet Mondays from Feb. 13 to 20; fee is $24.05 ($4.50 for those 62 and older).
  • Digital Photography with Your Smart Device: This class teaches students how to take photos with a phone or tablet and what you can do with your photos after you have taken them. It will cover digital photography basics: how to take photos, how to view and delete photos, how to edit photos, how to share photos, how to create photo projects and order them, and the various digital photography apps available for your smart device. Class 25966 will meet Mondays from Feb. 27 to March 6; fee is $24.05 (seniors $4.50).
  • ServSafe Certification: This course satisfies Wisconsin Statute HSS196.19(2)(a) requirements and includes classroom activity, textbook readings, and testing for food handling certification. Class 26134 meets Tuesdays Feb. 28 to March 23; fee is $118.61 (seniors $79.50), which does not include the DHSS filing fee.
  • Spanish for Travelers-1: Gain a quick and confident grasp of basic Spanish phrases and pronunciation to make your trip to Spanish-speaking countries more enjoyable. Class 26042 meets Wednesdays from March 1 to 15; fee is $37.09.
  • Small Engine Repair: Learn to perform maintenance on small engines, as well as to troubleshoot, make minor repairs, and set up a maintenance routine. Class 26141 meets Tuesdays from March 7 to 21; fee is $43.61.
  • Ice Cream and Sorbet: Learn to prepare a classic-style custard-based ice cream and vibrant fruit sorbets. Class 26070 meets Tuesday, April 18; fee is $22.54.
  • Workplace Spanish: Educators and others who need to communicate with Spanish-speaking students, customers, or co-workers will learn basic vocabulary and conversational phrases to use in a workplace setting. Students will practice pronunciation and learn minimal grammatical structures to aid in understanding the Spanish language. Class 26035 meets Tuesdays from May 2 to 16; fee is $77.09 (seniors $44.50).

Learn more:
• To register, call (888) 468-6582 or complete the registration form return it to LTC or to the Plymouth School District Community Education & Recreation office on the north end of Plymouth High School.
LTC offering technology classes at PHS this winter.
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