Engagement Pillar:
Schools updating to new calendar, facility system

Posted January 23, 2017

The Plymouth School District soon will be launching a new facility management system, which will provide better event calendars and help groups reserve school rooms and fields.

The new system was created by rSchoolToday, which also handles the high school conference schedule site. It allows school and public users to create an account and then request use of school facilities online. Once approved, the reservations automatically are recorded on an upcoming event calendar for the public to see.

The new calendar will replace the Google calendars used on the district website in recent years. The rSchool calendars can be customized by facility and type of event, making them more useful to individual families and community members.

The new facility management system is one of the initiatives called for in the Community Engagement Pillar of Excellence strategic plan. The Board of Education has established four Pillars of Excellence – Academic Excellence, Extracurricular Activities, Community Engagement, and Financial Responsibility – as key principles that distinguish the district and advance its mission. Each Pillar has a strategic plan that identifies desired Future States and initiatives for the next three years.

The overarching goal of the Community Engagement Pillar is to increase energy, pride, awareness, connection, and involvement. The related Future States are:

  • All community members, alumni and staff know and understand the PSD strategic plan.
  • Students and staff at all grade levels and subject areas experience a connection to the community.
  • All buildings and grounds of the Plymouth School District are utilized for community purposes every day outside of school hours.
  • The Plymouth School District works with other organizations and entities in the community collaboratively toward common goals.
  • Plymouth is recognized as a stellar place in which to live, learn and prosper.

In addition to the new calendar and facility management system, 2016-17 initiatives include:

  • Develop orientation program for all new staff an on-going PD which includes the PSD Strategic Plan.
  • Incorporate strategic goals into marketing plan and new website.
  • On-going education for parents should include the PSD Strategic Plan.
  • Develop an efficient volunteer process to facilitate more volunteers in the district schools.
  • 100% of administrative team has a connection to a community group.
  • Assess current usage and define underused areas of facilities as well as areas of need.
  • Implement a professional development program focused on customer service.
  • Promote usage of district buildings, including anniversary celebrations.
  • Representation of Plymouth School District on community organizations.
  • Participate and partner with three city or chamber initiatives.
  • Develop and implement the initial processes for Born to Succeed.
  • Research programs to utilize staff retirees and volunteers.
  • Launch District promotional video.
  • Implement new website.

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