Extracurriculars Pillar:
After-school art class creates murals

Posted January 16, 2017

Mural Masterpieces offers a new after-school opportunity for young students to have fun, be artistic and be a part of a creative team.

Participants are working together under the guidance of art teacher Field Lehmann to create a large theme-based mural for each elementary school, plus a smaller one to take home.

“I'm hoping that students will come away from the experience knowing all that goes in to making a mural,” Mr. Lehmann said. “They will see how everything begins as a drawing, which is then transferred onto a much larger canvas, and then – through many layers and reworkings – we come to a finished project!”

He also hopes students take away something else: “a sense of pride that they helped to create something beautiful that the rest of the students may enjoy for years to come!”

The first class was offered in the fall at Fairview. A winter class will meet from 4 to 5 p.m. Wednesdays from Feb. 1 to March 15 at Parkview Elementary School; fee is $25 until Jan. 20, then $35. The spring class will be Tuesdays from April 4 to May 16 at Horizon; fee is $25 until March 24 then $35.

Mural Masterpieces, which is offered through Plymouth School District Community Education & Recreation, is open to any area student in grades two through six, not just students at the host school.

Providing new extra-curriculars for younger students is one of the initiatives called for in the Extracurricular Activities Pillar of Excellence strategic plan. The Board of Education has established four Pillars of Excellence – Academic Excellence, Extracurricular Activities, Community Engagement, and Financial Responsibility – as key principles that distinguish the district and advance its mission. Each Pillar has a strategic plan that identifies desired Future States and initiatives for the next three years.

The overarching goal of the Extracurricular Pillar is to increase extra-curricular opportunities and participation, since involvement is tied closely to school performance. The desired Future States are:

  • All Plymouth School District students will take part in at least one extracurricular activity on an annual basis.
  • The Plymouth School District will be the hub for coordination and communication about extra-curricular activities for the Plymouth Community.
  • All faculty and staff will be involved in extra-curriculars to leverage student achievement benefits and increase community engagement.

In addition to adding opportunities for young students, 2016-17 initiatives include:

  • Recommendations will be made to increase participation and opportunity. Graduate program research will be presented as recommendations to the District Leadership Team.
  • Measure increased outreach and publicity and determine areas for improvement using the revised and improved website.
  • Increase K-4 opportunities by creating a broad-based academic and physical extra-curricular club in each elementary.
  • Use O and M Plan to engage community in prioritizing future upgrades to both facilities and maintenance via community survey and outreach.
  • Include city and community generated "Recreational Services Report" to partner with groups to increase access. Launch district and community scheduling and facility usage software.
  • Training and supervisory practices will be fully implemented to maintain improved status of faculty and staff.

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Visit the Pillars of Excellence page to learn more about all four Pillars of Excellence.